One of the most memorable, most personal, and at the same time most sophisticated gifts for a wedding is a wedding magazine designed by you: memories of shared experiences, vacations, celebrations, milestones with friends and family, funny stories, lots of photos and texts about the couple and their love, to move the bridal couple to tears- plus a festive layout that fits the wedding vibe. Isn’t this what the perfect wedding magazine should express?

The challenge of creating a wedding magazine 

How much passion, energy, and effort is needed to create a wedding magazine is only known to the magazine designer. Tasks for the creator include collecting all photos, writing and placing text, layout design, proofread, and other countless steps needed to finish the magazine. The smallest details and the rewriting of texts often cost the most effort – even if it does not look like that at first glance. That’s a handful, isn’t it?

It’s easier together 

Instead of shouldering all the work alone, you can bring friends and relatives who also want to contribute stories and photos on board and let them participate. Not only can you share the workload, but above all, it also doubles the fun. In the Jilster Editor, you will find the very best environment for this.

Working together in the Jilster Editor – How it works 

Jilster is the only platform on which you can invite your family and friends to work with you on a magazine simultaneously and from all different parts of the world. It is not uncommon for many guests to travel from far away to the wedding. From the Bride’s school friend who accepted her dream job in Italy, to the Groom’s cousin who is living with her boyfriend across the country. Even if they are not living close to the wedding site, they can work on the wedding magazine as if they were sitting next to you in the living room.

Become the head-editor 

As head-editor, you are the organizer of the wedding magazine. You create the magazine project in the editor and then invite your team. The editors receive an invitation email that directs them to the wedding magazine. All you need is internet access and a Jilster account. You can determine in advance whether the editors can only see and edit individual pages. You can get more tips on working together in this article.

Be prepared 

We recommend that you – alone or together with your co—head-editor- determine the layout for the wedding magazine in advance and store it on the individual pages. In the editor, you have access to many professionally designed magazine templates, from which you can use any page that you like in your project. You can also quickly adapt the layout in terms of color or font to the wedding theme and the taste of the Bride and Groom. – Or you delegate it to someone who enjoys it. Just invite them to the project.

The fine-tuning of the wedding newspaper

When everyone has uploaded their texts and pictures, it is best for someone else to have another thorough look at the whole issue and correct small errors in the text and inaccuracies in the layout. You can even order a discounted printed sample to go through this step more thoroughly. When you’re happy with everything, give it a GO. And we will print your beautiful wedding magazine in precisely the version that you particularly like. – We wish you all the luck and have the best time giving your gift!

Do you need tips and support? 

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