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Handy and beautiful program for making a special gift! The many templates, templates, examples, backgrounds, images and fonts make you really enjoy your creativity…


Great editor. Easy to use. And yet it is possible to create a beautiful magazine.


Great! I recommend it to everyone. Good quality, fast service and a nice magazine.


Together is beautiful

FAST, the best quality and creativity. That’s Jilster. The secret is TEAMWORK.

Always fast delivery

We deliver directly from the printing press. Most of the time is saved in the design phase by working together.

Always quality

We stand for quality, our printing is selected for this. You can order the sample magazine to check the result beforehand.

Jilster on television

At “Hart in Aktie” and the MaDiWoDO-show a magazine is designed with JILSTER.

About Jilster

You can create a magazine with your own photos and texts, but you can also order a book, poster or photo collage from us.

A unique feature of us is that you can work on the magazine with several people at the same time. This stimulates the creativity and speed of the design and delivers the best result.

We ship daily from the Netherlands to Germany, Belgium and England. But also to the United States and Australia. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service, we are happy to help you.

Tips & tricks, get inspired…

Over half a million people have gone before you to create a magazine. Get inspired by examples and learn from the tips & tricks we give.

Our monthly newsletter also contains tips & tricks and inspiring examples.

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