How was your summer? Time on the balcony, feet in the paddling pool, a cold drink, and an exciting book in your hand? At the lake with friends doing water sports? Any excursions, exciting encounters, or possibly a road trip through your own homeland or even across the USA? Perhaps you had exciting conversations or picked up new hobbies? Or did you even get on a plane and take a trip to a neighbor country?

 That was my summer

And how was your summer? Did you enjoy it? Would you like to remember those special days – and maybe remember it together with your partner or best friend? Keep your summer alive and preserve the beautiful, carefree, brightly warm, and fragrant days for the darker, cooler times that will definitely come. Bring all of your summer days to live in a self-designed magazine! Create the most beautiful photo collages with the funniest snapshots and even write down your individual experiences. From beautiful and memorable times to even the sad times- and then make a summer magazine out of it. 

Your self-made memory of the summer

Of course, you can put together your summer reminder magazine just for yourself and use it as a picture and reading book for yourself. But it can also be a wonderful (birthday) gift for someone who is very loved and with whom you share unforgettable memories. Surprise them with the fact that you have summarized your very special summer with trips, activities, discussions, and much more and collected it into a beautiful magazine. I bet that this will be an exceptional gift that will be remembered for years to come and will be picked up and read again and again.

 Just do it together 

You spent and enjoyed this beautiful summer not alone, but with one or more other people. Would you like to celebrate it with these special people and remember them together? Then tell them about your idea of creating a memory magazine for the best summer of your life. Invite everyone by email to make them part of the editorial board of your joint magazine. You can assign certain pages to everyone, which they then design themselves. Either you determine a layout in advance or you leave it up to each individual to design one or more creative pages.