Most birthday gifts for mothers consist of flowers or household appliances, but for true fashionista mothers celebrating a milestone, only a personalized magazine will do! Elles and her daughter did just that for her mother’s 80th birthday and you can too.

A true fashionista

“My mother was a true fashionista. Throughout the 60’s she worked as a seamstress at Fashion House Gerzon. This fashion house was famous for being a high profile female fashion store in The Hague.”

Audrey Hepburn, Gerzon, The Hague, 1950s-minSo famous in fact, that even film and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn modelled at Gerzon (pictured right), which isn’t surprising, considering her close ties to the Netherlands (Born in Belgium, Hepburn spent her childhood between Belgium, England and the Netherlands).

Elles’s mother’s passion for fashion wasn’t limited to the Netherlands: “During her pregnancy with me she attended various high profile fashion shows abroad too, and in 1962 she married my father in a church in Amsterdam, donned in a fabulous wedding dress. Sadly father passed away a few years ago, however, even though my mother and I have always been close, my father’s passing has brought us even closer.”

Mother and Daughter working together

mom's birthday personalised birthday magazine“I wanted to give my mother something special on her birthday. I happened upon Jilster on the internet and the idea to make my own magazine spoke to me immediately. I asked my daughter to create an account right away so we could get started.”

“It was easy to get family members and friends involved too. The editor has a built-in feature to send invitations to work on the magazine via e-mail. Everyone got their own page so they could fill it with their own photos and text. Another useful feature was being able to ‘leaf through’ the magazine as we were working on it, so we could see each other’s pages and get inspired. My daughter and I added the finishing touches at the end by filling the empty pages with stories, photos, and advertisements we made ourselves.”

Praise for ‘Hanny’

“The reactions to the magazine were full of praise! My mother got emotional seeing all the personal stories and photos throughout the years.

“I am so incredibly thankful I was able to do this for my mother, and even more so because I was able to do it together with my daughter.”

“When I started on this magazine a couple of months ago, I had no idea I would come across so many powerful memories. For example, I discovered that my mother lived through the harsh Dutch famine of 1944-45 (“Hunger winter”) and the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Shocking events that have become world history today.”

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