You’re looking for the best birthday present and how to make it. You must be looking for something very special. Maybe this birthday signals an important milestone, or maybe it’s because the present is meant for someone very special to you. Either way, you’re looking for a different kind of birthday present; the best one. And you’re looking for ways you can make it yourself, to make it that much more extra special.

Well, we’re happy to inform you that your search has ended, here. And we’ll tell you why.

The new scrapbooking: magazine making

Making a magazine is sort of like scrapbooking. Only scrapbooking has become a bit dated in today’s digital landscape. Still, no one can argue that the idea is great for as a special birthday present. Even Huffington Post says a scrapbook is a gift that stands out (though their reasoning may differ from ours).

Combine a collection of photos, images, memories, text, stories, and creativity to create a book representative of all the things you think, feel, and remember about a person. This makes a great gift, because it shows how special you think they are.

Just imagine the look on their face when they realize it’s a magazine about them.

But who has time to print all those digital photos we have nowadays? Who has time to cut everything to perfection, buy all the materials needed, and then paste everything in the right place? Not to mention that there’s no room for error. There’s no ‘undo’ button in real life.

Make time to get a birthday present

Scrapbooking takes a lot of time. Still, this gift needs to be special. You still want to put in some time to make it. Not making time to get someone special a birthday gift is not a good look after all.

So how do you balance putting in enough time to make the present special, but not letting it get so time consuming and difficult that you end up not making the birthday present at all?

The answer Make a personalized birthday magazine together with friends and family.

Make the best birthday present

Jilster allows you to do it all digitally. Upload photos, copy and paste text, design the pages easily, or use pre-made templates, it’s all up to you. You can even invite friends and family to add one or more pages. When you’re finished, simply order the magazine (or book) in the format you’d like and voila! We print and ship it right to your doorstep.

You need an account to get started. Creating one takes no more than 5 minutes.

Don’t need Jilster now but think it’s a cool idea for a gift coming up later in the year? Save Jilster for later (bookmark) with Cmd+D (Mac) or Ctrl+D (Windows). See you soon!

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