New editor is now live

Be among the first to experience the improvements in the new Jilster makerspace. Enjoy the features listed below and experience the improvements we have made for even greater ease of use. We remain an open platform with the best service. The software is still free to use, with no downloads or subscriptions. Your existing creations remain intact. Whether it’s for school farewell, parties, company highlights, anniversaries, weddings or life changing events, we can’t wait to hear what you think.

What’s new?

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More ease of use

We spent over two years researching user experience and received feedback from over 45,000 users. With that input and redesigning the design process, this new editor is the easiest to use. What features are different or made easier? Image cropping, guide lines, keyboard shortcuts, preset text blocks, and much more.

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Makerspace with more features

The makerspace (where you make your creations and change settings) is set up in such a way that all kinds of new features can be added in the coming months. In other words, it is ready for the future. We’ve already got some new features up and running. You can now fully duplicate creations. Personalise to your liking. Because you duplicate, adjust the cover and print from one copy. For a whole class, a whole group or a whole company. Remove creations and make larger creations of up to 300 pages.

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Invite others easier

The way of inviting is simpler and more straight-forward. If someone from abroad is invited, the editor automatically recognises the language setting of the browser. You can also insert and invite whole lists of e-mails now.

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Mobile App for uploading photos

The Mobile App allows you to upload photos from your mobile phone to your creation in the makerspace of your account. Visit your mobile app store to download.

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New IT structure

The platform on which Jilster runs is primarily focused on stability. All parts of the IT structure are built up in separate containers, which makes far-reaching variation possible in the future. This means more other languages and more types of products for your story. Oh yes, it is not only more stable, it is also faster.

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New brand and new look and feel

Your story matters That is what the new Jilster brand is all about. Therefore, a new look & feel and a new brand definition. We inspire people to work together in capturing and sharing stories that matter. In doing so, we continuously radiate our brand values openly and together to each other and to you.


Additional support channels

Our Jilster Supporters: Amber, Channa, Lana, Luisa and Sabine, can now also be reached via Livechat & WhatsApp. If desired, they can watch you remotely on your own screen. This way you can be helped even faster and easier during the making of your creation through the medium that suits you best.
We have also changed our email address to Of course you can still reach us by phone during the week: 0031-851306800. We look forward to helping you.

Go to FAQ makerspace for frequently asked questions with answers about the new makerspace.

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