jilster at hello beautiful bridal event with randy fenoli january 2018

Next week we’ll be at the Hello Beautiful Event in Amsterdam, featuring none other than the incomparable Randy Fenoli!

Hello Beautiful!

Hello Beautiful – Amsterdam Bridal Event (previously known as ‘Say Yes to the Dress Event’) is a two day event based on Randy Fenoli, the face of the ever popular TV-show Say Yes to the Dress. If you happen to be in Amsterdam and are getting married soon, you cannot miss this event.

Bring your bridesmaids, maid of honor, mother (in-law), and your friends and enjoy a beautiful day out. Already married but still a Randy fan? You’re more than welcome to come!

We’re happy to be a part of this extra special bridal event. On January 13th and 14th we’ll be there from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM spreading wedding cheer and bridal inspiration.

A gift worthy of a wedding

A wedding is a special day, a milestone in the lives of two people. Many weddings take months, sometimes even years, to plan. So much work goes into getting everything just right. A great way to showcase the wedding and everything that went into creating this perfect day, is by documenting it all in a beautiful magazine, just like the bridal magazines you see in stores. Only this time, the magazine will be personalized.

So, bridesmaids, maids of honor, mothers(in-law), and friends, take note, because this is the only wedding gift that will do. It’s the only wedding gift that can showcase the day the bride has been dreaming of for so long, and the only gift that she can keep enjoying for years to come.

Say yes to the dress, and say yes to your own wedding magazine!