halloween party ideas

With Halloween around the corner the pressure is on to give the spookiest Halloween party ever. While everyone’s go to party items are scary decorations and snacks, we’ve got a few other Halloween party ideas that are sure to delight your guests.

Halloween party themes

Halloween party themes, like scary movies, can vary from humorous, to magical, to down right nightmare inducing. Whatever theme you choose, our tip is to involve your party guests and make it personal. How? By making posters of party guests.

Edit just the cover of a magazine and order a high quality PDF file that you can have printed as a poster at a print shop.

Use photos of your party guests to create posters that are sure to be a hit at your Halloween party. One example is to create a Wanted (dead or alive) poster featuring your party guests that you can hang up on the walls at the party venue. Imagine their surprise when they take a closer look and see that it’s them on the poster!

Halloween party games

Halloween party games, like a costume contest especially, is a great idea for a Halloween party. It just makes sense. Everyone likes dressing up and some people invest a lot of time and money into creating a costume they are proud of. Having a contest to decide the best costume is a great way to put those people in the spotlight, and makes for a great main event at your party.

A poster for a costume contest is a good way to get everyone at the party involved. Create a poster with the contest rules and hang it up on a wall at your Halloween party venue. Place it above a table with some pens, pieces of paper, and a bowl or a box to collect ballots. Have people write down their top 3 costumes and then count the votes at the end of the night for an exciting outcome! Consider having a contest for different customer categories as well.

A few examples: best couple costume, scariest costume, funniest costume, and best pop cultural reference costume.

Halloween posters

Halloween party ideas for adults only

No adult Halloween party is complete without creative drinks and cocktails (Zombini anyone?). Create a poster with a drink menu and their ingredients. Don’t forget to add a few without alcohol. Get creative with the descriptions and add different elements to the poster so it fits the Halloween party theme.

Scary Halloween party ideas

If you really want to scare your party guests but don’t have time to create a whole haunted house, we have an easy idea that will give anyone the ‘heebeegeebees’.

Create posters dedicated to various urban legends, myths, and scary (true) stories.

Everyone knows the story of bloody mary. Say her name in front of a mirror and she will appear behind you. Create a poster with this urban legend’s rules and hang it up next to a mirror. Watch as your guests dare each other and find out who is brave enough to try!

Another creepy idea is to dedicate a few posters to stories about serial killers. Jack The Ripper is a name everyone is familiar with. Highlight a few of his more horrific crimes to creep your guests out!

Do some research. There are tons of stories out there about urban legends, myths, ghosts, and hauntings. There may even be some local scary stories you can use. Find the right ones for your party and use them to create a creepy atmosphere that nobody will dare to forget!

Make your own Halloween memory magazine!

A lot of creativity goes into a Halloween party. A such, it’s an event that is worth remembering. The decorations, scary stories, and costumes alone are memorable and are sure to be talked about for weeks and maybe months to come.

After the party is over, create a Halloween magazine that includes photographs and stories of everything that went on during the party. Share the magazine online with your guests or print a few hard copies to send as a memorable gift of this night(mare) to remember. 😉

Have fun and take lots of photos so you can add them to a magazine after the party is over!