Perfectly organized cooperation for the graduation magazine

Collaboration – an opportunity and a challenge

Are you already in the middle of preparing your graduation magazine? – It can quickly become chaotic when you’re full of enthusiasm. When a lot of people want to be involved, it can be at the expense of structure and overview. Then one person doesn’t know what the other may have already started. Some things are done twice, others not at all. – Neither is ideal. This applies to almost all tasks in preparing a graduation magazine: planning pages, writing texts, contacting advertising partners, calculating the size of the magazine, choosing and changing the layout …

Control and structure

As boring as it may sound to some: a sensible structure, practical tools and fairly distributed tasks save time in preparing the graduation magazine and ensure that the overview is maintained and that everyone knows at all times what is still pending for them – and also for the others. This way, you can help each other or support each other when things go wrong.

Get an overview of the details

Use structuring tools

Digital tools that help you structure and sort your to-dos are particularly practical. From the big to small tasks, you can first subdivide the to-dos according to the main topic of the graduation magazine and then break them down into individual tasks, which can then be assigned to specific people. We find Trello, Asana, Microsoft To Do, etc. practical for organizing yourself.

Communication tools for your team

It is also worth taking a look at the communication tools. For an all-team meeting, you should use a channel where everyone can meet and exchange ideas at the same time – for this, the content is volatile. Some things, however, are better put down in writing for future reference, should you choose a different channel. Things that occur to you “behind closed doors” also belong in a tool where everyone responds when they have time. And in order to communicate in the best possible way, we find these tools practical: Slack, Jitsi, Zoom, Telegram.

Details that can easily get lost

We have compiled a list of topics for you with small but important details that can easily get lost in the preparations for a graduation magazine and lead to a lot of chaos.

-Budget: state of your finances (plan further activities if necessary)

-Choose a photographer (with equipment)

-Overview of course photos

-Appointments for portrait photos

-Acquire advertisers

-Plan and reserve ad space in the graduation magazine

So, have you thought about everything? Should we add a faux pas or two to our list? You can share your experiences with the customer service and we will add them to our list.