Find the right images for your magazine make a magazine jilsterWhether you’re looking for images that are the right size, icons, or images with transparent backgrounds, these tips are sure to help you find what you’re looking for.

Remember: Whenever you’re looking for images to use, make sure you’re allowed to use them according to copyright law. Here’s a helpful resource on the subject: Concerned About Copyright? A Guide For Legally Using Images On The Web

Google image search

When you search for an image on google, there are a few options you can use that will help you find the image you want. Clicking on ‘Search tools’ will allow you to select what ‘Size’, ‘Color’ and ‘Type’ of image you want. You can even filter by ‘Usage rights’, which will help you make sure you’re allowed to use the images in your magazine.

For your own magazine, we recommend filtering by ‘Labeled for noncommercial reuse’. However, if you’re using your magazine for any commercial reasons (your business, a catalog, a portfolio etc.) you should use another option.

Adding ‘Png’ to your search

By adding ‘png’ to your search term, for example ‘sun png’, you’ll find mostly images with a transparent background. These images are great to use in your magazine since you won’t be limited by the white background most images have.


Iconfinder is a great resource for, as the name suggests, icons. Many icons require a fee, but you can also search by ‘free’ icons only. You can even search by style. ‘Outline’, ‘Handdrawn’, and ‘Cartoon’ are great styles to use in a magazine. Remember to check license information before using downloaded icons.

Go to your magazine

There are plenty of reasons to create a magazine for education; a yearbook, science fair project or for student projects in class!

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