Saying thank you, successes and appreciating solidarity

A challenging year is coming to an end. One thing all companies can say is that this was a special year. One that we have never experienced before. While some industries were particularly shaken up, others fought their way through, and some companies even had their most successful year so far. What was it like for your business?

Look back, remember, and collect the highlights of the year

Due to this strange year, it is perhaps even more important now than ever to look back and say “thank you” to all those who have contributed. Whether B2B or B2C, you can show appreciation with a stylish magazine you have designed yourself. Create your own magazine as a team, which summarizes the past year. 

Many possibilities for your own magazine

This Christmas, instead of sending formal Christmas cards, you can send a playful and perhaps humorous magazine wishing your customers or staff a season’s greetings. Design your magazine with a Christmassy look or use a stylish minimalist design to document milestones, special events and successes with select business customers. In the Jilster Editor, you are guaranteed to find a magazine template that is right and easy for you.

Many professionally designed magazine templates

In the Jilster Editor, you have access to several professionally designed magazine templates. You can use these as a base when creating your magazine. Whether B2B or B2C – there is a large selection of styles for you to choose from guaranteed to fit your target group.

Easy and uncomplicated work in the Jilster Editor

Designing your own magazine with a professional look is not as difficult as it seems. That’s a promise. However, the reaction of those who receive the magazine from you will be worth it. The Jilster Editor is a graphics program that offers many possibilities to customize a magazine template. Whether you want to compliment your company’s colors or your font – it only takes a few clicks, and the result is convincing. It is worth trying for yourself and you can even do this from your home office without any problems. Since it is all online, you can all simultaneously work together on your magazine project. It couldn’t be easier!