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Beatrice San Francisco Fashion Magazine

Djamila made a magazine for Beatrice San Francisco, a clothing line she distributes in Ibiza, Spain. She was looking for a way to create her own business promotion. Now, she’s sharing her message with the world. She has created a magazine that showcases her company’s products. A multi-purpose tool for every kind of magazine This […]

Find the right images for your magazine

Whether you’re looking for images that are the right size, icons, or images with transparent backgrounds, these tips are sure to help you find what you’re looking for. Remember: Whenever you’re looking for images to use, make sure you’re allowed to use them according to copyright law. Here’s a helpful resource on the subject: Concerned […]

5 Tips for a professional magazine cover

It’s the most important page of a magazine: the cover! We have some tips to help you make your magazine cover look like the magazines in stores. These tips are great for any kind of magazine cover, including a birthday magazine, wedding magazine or school magazine. The image below is a good comparison between a […]

Start your own business magazine

Whether you’re looking for a way to create a magazine for your company or you want to create a magazine from scratch, we can help. Creating a magazine can seem like a difficult task. It seems like it would take a lot of time and the hardest part is, where do you start? Jilster enables […]

New wedding anniversary magazine template

Use this new magazine template to make a beautiful wedding anniversary magazine. It’s a wedding gift they’ll never forget. Are your grandparents, parents, siblings or friends celebrating a wedding anniversary soon? Why not use this new template to create an anniversary magazine just for them. It’s a gift guaranteed to make a lasting impression and […]

New magazine template for a special wedding gift

Should wedding gifts be practical or special? Read on to find out and preview our newest wedding magazine template. Use these beautifully designed pages to create a unique wedding gift for that special day. Wedding gifts: pratical or special? What do you get a couple that’s about to get married? Most guests give a gift […]