Have you always wanted to know what it’s like to be an editor of a magazine? Jilster gives you the opportunity to experience this. Work together with family, friends or colleagues on a magazine and step into the role of (chief) editor. You decide what the magazine will look like in terms of style but also in terms of content. Discover how you can create a magazine together step by step here.

Assemble your own editorial team

In order to create a magazine, one person starts by creating a free account on Jilster.com. This person is the editor-in-chief and can invite other people as an editor. Have you been appointed editor-in-chief? Then it’s your job to distribute the pages to the ‘editors’. The chief editor chooses who will work on which page. You can work on a magazine with a lot of people at the same time. Even more than a 100! A chief editor can also place an order for a printed version of the magazine.

Promote to co-editor-in-chief

As a chief editor, you can also authorize multiple people to view and edit all pages. You do this by making them co chief-editors when sending out an invitation. You can also downgrade the co-editor-in-chief to editor again. Make agreements with fellow chief editors about who does what.

Together is much more fun

By joining forces, you can achieve a beautiful result even faster. Make sure that you divide the tasks among yourselves and make use of each other’s talents. And don’t forget to have fun!

Use the step-by-step plan below to create your birthday magazine, club magazine, newsletter, wedding glossy, school project, company magazine or farewell gift.

Roadmap – Working together in an editorial team

Step 1: Think about the purpose of your magazine

Who are you making it for? What suits this person? What should certainly not be missing from your magazine? Keeping this in mind can help you in the next steps.

Step 2: Who are you going to work with?      

It can be nice to form an ‘editorial board’ in which the tasks are divided. Make use of each other’s talents. Make someone responsible for the communication and let someone with an eye for style do the design.

Step 3: Determine the design of your magazine

Do you leave everyone the freedom to create their own page or do you agree on the layout in advance? While some like to let their creativity run free, others are more in need of structure. You can also use the templates as a basis for pages.

Step 4: Create a schedule

Good planning is important. When do you want to order your magazine at the latest? Would you like to order a sample copy? Take the delivery time into consideration.

Step 5: Invite your editors

When you invite someone to Jilster, they automatically get a short explanation about what Jilster is and how it works, but they might need a little more information from you. It is useful to create a WhatsApp group and write a message in it for all starting members of your editorial team. This message can welcome them, explain how to edit the assigned pages and what the magazine is for.

Step 6: Get started

Get started and help your editors if necessary. A magazine is easily made with Jilster. You can create a magazine from 4 pages. Have fun together!