birthday 50 gift magazine jilster

birthday 50 gift magazine jilster

Phillipe was faced with a problem. His friend’s 50th birthday was coming up and he had no idea what to get him. During his search he discovered Jilster and decided to make a magazine. This is the story of how that magazine came to be!

Finding a special gift

Phillipe’s friend was turning 50 soon. He knew he had to think of something big to give him. Something special. He turned to the internet for help. Searching online he came across Jilster and decided to create an account. ‘What a great idea’, he thought, ‘a personalised magazine, that’s what I’ll give him!’

So Phillipe got started on a magazine for his friend. He gathered stories from friends and family, added texts and photos from years ago, as well as more recent ones. He finished the magazine with some time to spare, so he decided to order it early, and it’s a good thing he did.

When in doubt, contact customer service!

The day arrived when the magazine was delivered to his home. He opened the package and was pleased with his work and the quality of the magazine. Very pleased indeed! However, his gift for his friend wasn’t quite ready yet… one of the pages had a tiny red smear. He contacted customer service to find out what could be done.

A birthday magazine with an imperfection simply cannot do. So we wasted no time reprinting and shipping the magazine for his friend, free of charge. The magazine arrived on time, and this time, it was perfect.

A magazine just for Morty

At the party Phillipe gave his friend his very own birthday magazine. The ‘MORTY’ birthday magazine. Everyone loved the magazine, and Morty? He may have shed a tear or two at the sight of it. ‘A whole magazine featuring me… imagine that’, he thought, happily. He was touched by the wonderful gesture from his friend. He couldn’t imagine a better gift for this milestone, his 50th birthday.

Phillipe let us know he recommends making a magazine for any birthday and told us he would be back soon. He was pleased with the customer service as well as the high quality of his magazine.

Get started on your own 50th birthday magazine!

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Our Intern Elseline made a magazine for her mother’s 50th birthday. Lucky for us, she is studying Graphic Design and has a few choice tips for us to use in our own magazines!

Elseline has been spending her free time working on her mother’s magazine. Her mother had no idea, which made it extra exciting! Elseline: “My mother was incredibly moved by the gift. She had no clue that she would be getting her own magazine. Some photographs made her laugh, but I could tell she was really touched as well.”

De magazine was filled with personal stories, photographs and quotes. Elseline even got her grandmother, grandfather, dad, brothers and aunt to contribute with a few anecdotes and photographs of her mother. Elseline: “I got to hear stories about my mom I didn’t even know about! I really enjoyed working on this project together with my family. It’s a really great way to show someone how much you care about them.”

Verjaardag Elseline cover

Since she’s a graphic designer, Elseline has graciously decided to share some valuable tips with us. Tips we can use in our own magazines!

1. Font and font size

“I used a maximum of 3 to 4 fonts in my magazine. I also used a different font for page titles than I did for regular text. For regular text I used font size 10. This is a size that is legible in the printed magazine.”

2. Color

“I chose a few colors that I used consistently throughout the magazine, in images and paragraph titles, to make the whole magazine cohesive.”


“I added some quotes to my magazine too. Quotes I knew my mother would enjoy. These quotes were spread throughout the magazine. Here too, I made sure to pay attention to the colors I was using. I found a lot of the quotes on pinterest. As a graphic designer, I sometimes get my inspiration from the internet.”

4. Spread

“The online editor enables you to create a spread too, just like the magazines sold in stores have! Next time you’re browsing a magazine, pay attention to the layout of the different pages. The content will often be spread across two pages. You can create your own spread in the editor with a nice family photo or a quote you like, as in the example above.”

5. Uploading video’s to your magazine

“Have you ever heard of a QR-code? By using this code you can add your own video to your magazine. In my magazine, I uploaded a video of me as a baby. My mom can use a special app to scan the code in the magazine, and it will send her to the video. So she can easily enjoy my first steps into the world all over again. You can create a QR-code by using a QR-website.

A QR-code allows you to turn the code into an image. This image (square) can be placed on a page in your magazine.”