"We felt that Jilster offered the best solution for us"

It turns out Jilster is a good way to market your products, on- and offline! We contacted Tucker & Bojest to ask them a few questions about their experience with Jilster.

"We have had such a positive response! The quality of paper and printing is unquestionable and the glossy finish magazine certainly gives our brand and products the luxury hi-end feel we wanted." Read more

"We felt that Jilster offered the best solution for us."

Design Tip: Big Letters

Attention all Jilster magazine editors! We’ve added new items to the Jilster editing room: Big magazine letters. The cover is an important part of any magazine, and a great way to grab someone’s attention is by using big magazine letters. Read more

Design Tip Big Letters

Wedding traditions from around the world

As you know, we deliver magazines worldwide! And since many of our members are creating wedding magazines, this got us thinking about all the different ways weddings are celebrated worldwide.

We started talking about how weddings are celebrated in the international Jilster team's own cultures. Read more

Wedding traditions from around the world

Partnership Opportunities

Interested in more Jilster for Business? Check out our Partnership Opportunities page.

The first item details our 'Publishing service'; the easiest way to publish your very own magazine. Read more

Partnership Opportunities

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