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  • Challenges (and solutions) of remote collaboration

    The growing trend of online collaboration is both a blessing and a curse. It enables us to get a lot more work done, from wherever we are. As you may know though, it also has challenges. Read these tips to find out how you can overcome those challenges.
  • New in the editor: illustrations for weddings and more

    You're going to make a beautiful magazine, and we're going to help you! These are the new illustrations we've added to the editor.
  • New in the editor: Templates

    We've added new templates to the editor that will make your magazine unforgettable. Use them to create new pages in your magazine in minutes!
  • Win a € 25,- Jilster gift card!

    Jilster is 5 years old and we want to celebrate with you. Enter our '5 year celebration' contest for a chance to win a € 25,- Jilster gift card!
  • Using an online magazine editor for photography

    Rie Neuchs is a Danish Photographer that uses Jilster to showcase her photography. “You were exactly what I was looking for. I made a test magazine at first and the quality was stunning.”
  • Working together: reporting progress

    Jilster is the easiest way to make your own magazine. The online editing room is easy to use and allows you to invite other editors so you can work on your magazine together.
  • NEW! Order your magazine with 4 pages

    Ever wish you could order a magazine with 4 pages instead of 8? Well, you asked, and we listened! We've now lowered the minimum amount of pages to 4, and we can't wait to give you this list of ideas you can use for your 4 page magazine!
  • NEW! Stapled magazine with glossy cover

    Next to the stapled magazine with matte cover and glossy with adhesive binding, we now have a third magazine design option you can choose from.
  • New layout in the editor

    We're always looking for new ways to improve the Jilster experience for our customers. For instance; if we get tips for our editor, we try to implement them.
  • How to edit images in the online editor

    Anyone can easily make a beautiful magazine with Jilster’s online editor. Use these tips for inspiration for a brand new magazine or for the magazine you’re working on.

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