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  • Back to School

    Schools are back in action and that means now is the time to plan some innovative new learning activities for teachers and students!
  • Summer Camp Idea

    Summer camp is often a time of many lifechanging experiences and best friends forever. Save and share those memories the best way you can; by making a magazine together.
  • Why Jilster is the Perfect Educational Tool

    For young and old, making a magazine in our online editor provides many valuable lessons both in collaborative skills and online skills.
  • 5 Steps to The Perfect Vacation Magazine

    Prolong that great vacation feeling by using these 5 steps to create the perfect vacation magazine with your travel companions! It’s a great way to memorialize your vacation and a wonderful way to show off your vacation photos to family, friends and colleagues.
  • Summer Photo Ideas

    Get inspired with this list of Summer Photo Ideas to add to your magazine! Have fun using our Summer Photo Ideas.
  • Have a Great Summer!

    We wanted to do something special for our members, so everyone here at Jilster teamed up to send you all a special message in a unique way. Have a Great Summer Vacation, with Love, from Jilster.
  • “I watched my mom's reaction over Skype”

    I made my mom promise not to open the package before I could see her reaction on skype. She was very suspicious but laughed and promised me she would wait.
  • How it’s made: Jilster Magazines

    Take a tour with us as we visit our very own printer; where the Jilster magic happens! A few of us here at Jilster visited our printer to see first hand how Jilster magazines are made. Get a sneak peak at how it’s done!
  • Pre-order Checklist

    Ordering your magazine? Read this final checklist first! One of our own employees made a magazine and has these tips to make sure your magazine is in perfect shape!
  • “Jilster is so simple to navigate and use, I love it!”

    Bella Nova Studio is a photography business. It’s magazines looked great so we decided to interview them to find out more. The answers are inspiring!

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