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  • New! Updated Jilster Guide and FAQ

    Got a question about how to make a magazine, work together in Jilster or important features? Check out our new updated guide with slideshows and FAQ!
  • New magazine template for a special wedding gift

    Should wedding gifts be practical or special? Read on to find out and preview our newest wedding magazine template. Use these beautifully designed pages to create a unique wedding gift for that special day.
  • New wedding anniversary magazine template

    Use this new magazine template to make a beautiful wedding anniversary magazine. It’s a wedding gift they’ll never forget.
  • New business magazine template

    Use this template to make a business themed magazine. Make a lasting impression on employees, customers and partners.
  • New Jilster design

    Jilster has been updated with a brand new design. The new design makes editing and updating your magazine even easier!
  • NEW: Book Design

    Now you can order your magazines with a hardcover. So, not only can you make your very own magazine with Jilster, you can now make your very own book too (starting from 32 pages)!
  • NEW: Birthday Template

    We’ve added a new birthday template to the online editor. It's free to use however you like. Log in and have a look!
  • Senior project magazine for high school

    One of our customers made a magazine for a year long independent high school project know as ‘Senior Project’. The magazine is for her school community, teachers, and close family and friends.
  • Best college graduation present: a personalized magazine

    “I wanted to make a personalized magazine for her that was a mix between a Cosmopolitan magazine and a scrapbook of her life.” Jill chose Jilster to make a graduation present magazine.
  • How to make a magazine for a school project

    So you want to make a magazine for a school project. You were assigned a magazine project at school or you’ve decided to make one for a project yourself. That's great! We'll help you get started.

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