In this Newsletter we’ve got a few great treats to help inspire you for your magazines! We’ve got a 'How To' on creating your very own template so making a magazine is even easier, tips for great backgrounds for your magazine’s pages, a little inspiration for Christmas and New Year’s eve and so much more. Check out the New Tips we’ve got for you here. 

Christmas and New Year’s Magazine

Christmas and New Year’s are just around the corner. What better way to celebrate the holidays than starting early by creating a magazine together. Get friends, family and/or colleagues involved to create the perfect Christmas and/or New Year’s magazine. Click here for inspiration and tips! Oh, and see the cover on the right? You can use that for inspiration too, it was made entirely in the online editor!

Editing Tip: Create Your Own Template 

Templates are an easy way to create a magazine with very little work. Simply select the template you’d like to use and personalize it any way you want. But, did you know you can make your own template too? Click here to find out how!

Editing Tip: Backgrounds 

A great background is the backbone of any professional looking magazine. Thankfully creating one is easy with these tips we’ve compiled just for you! Want to find out more about the science of the perfect background? Then click here to learn more about Choosing a theme, How to use Color Blocks, Circles and Symbols!

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Have fun co-creating and publishing your magazine!