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Magazine for a colleague 


Looking for a gift for a retired colleague? Or maybe your need a good going away gift idea for your colleague who is changing jobs. Give them a personalized gift: A Farewell Magazine! Invite other colleagues to become co-editors and make the magazine together!

Tip: Make a list. Use the questions below to tell their story.

• What has their career been like until now?
• What habits do they have at work?
• What's their role in the team?
• What do they love?
• What hobbies or interests do they like to talk about?
• What do they do or eat in their lunch break?
• What are typical things they say?
• What pesonality traits do they have?
• What makes them special on the work floor?
• What are they good at?
• What makes them a great colleague?
• What have they contributed to the company?

This list will help you write an article for every point. Remember to keep your colleague in mind so the writing has that personal touch. .

What to Write
• This is what your colleagues really think of you
• Lunch break tips: Stay at shape and watch your weight
• Test: This is the job for you!
• Sights to see on the way to work
• Top 5 moments from your career!
• Quiz: How well do you know the company?

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