Get started with the yearbook now!

Your senior year has started. Now is the perfect time to start planning for the school newspaper. In the end, good preparation saves time. First you take care of the organizational part, then you put together the content for the year book, followed by the layout, the final touches and the printing. – At Jilster you get great support for all phases. You don’t need more.

Use the Jilster Editor to design your yearbook together

At Jilster, you can work with many editors at the same time online on yearbook in the Jilster editor. Everyone can upload their own texts and photos on the pages that have been assigned to them. There are also great layout templates. This saves you time and organizational effort. You can also order the printed copies from us. – Very easy


Step by step


The most important thing is the schedule. First think about when your yearbouk has to be ready. Plan a buffer of at least three weeks – you will need that at least, believe me – and do the math backwards. Allow time for corrections and checking so that everything is complete. Think about time for a photo shoot with everyone, calculate writing time for the authors of the articles, for collecting old photos, funny anecdotes, for evaluating old class books … You should start slowly now, right?



Who will be the chief editor?


One of you becomes the chief editor or you form a team of chief editors – and then you create the project in the Jilster editor. Everyone who would like to actively participate in the yearbook is invited to Jilster and set up their own account. Then you can work directly in the layout later.


Content of your yearbook


You have probably already checked the yearbooks of the years ahead of you and thought about which yearbook content you would like reuse, right? There are always a few classics: portraits of all students, articles about courses and graduation trips, hit lists, etc. Collect your ideas and topic wishes early so that you can implement everything.

Layouts and templates

In the Jilster Editor you have access to our magazine templates. In addition to yearbooks, you will also find other topics. Don’t be afraid to contact us. All magazine layouts can be adapted for any topic – that’s a promise. You can assign the layout individually for each individual page of your yearbook. So you can duplicate the pages as often as you want. You can of course also bring in your own design ideas. The Jilster Editor is a graphics program that offers countless creative possibilities. Operation is intuitive – so give it a try.


Working together


You don’t need a lot to take part in the yearbook project: a computer and a stable internet connection. So every editor can work from wherever he or she is. You can also work in the editor at the same time and thus grow your yearbook sentence by sentence, photo by photo. And in this way your collaboration grows page by page.


You only pay for what you get


You can use the Jilster Editor free of charge to design your yearbook. You only incur costs when you place the print order or buy a PDF.


Just test Jilster for free and discover the many possibilities that the editor offers you. If you have any questions – about the design, printing, etc., contact our customer service at the bottom right. We’re happy to help.