This wonderful customer experience comes to us from Lisa Herzog. She created a magazine for her entire class of Fast-Track-Students at the Hotelschool in The Hague, The Netherlands. She found out about Jilster through a friend of hers who used it for their yearbook.

make a magazine yearbook erasmus class fast track studentsMemorializing by yearbook

Lisa explains: “Because of this intensive study program we have come to know each other very well, and therefore came up with the idea to memorize each other and our time in The Hague in the form of a yearbook.” A lovely idea indeed!

Reactions were wonderful

At first Lisa’s classmates didn’t show much interest in the magazine. “After showing a preview of what it will look like, most of them then signed up to receive a copy. The yearbooks arrived the day of the goodbye-party and the reactions were wonderful. They loved it: the content, the layout, the feeling, the quality of the pictures.”

Happy with end result

Though Lisa felt some features in the online editing room were a bit limiting, she was very happy with the end result. “If I have a similar project, I would definitely take Jilster into consideration. I loved the speed of the customer service, when I had a question. To me that is very important. Also, the product looked wonderful!”

Create your own magazine for education.

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