New ways of working in crazy times

Many of us have not been in the office for months and are work from home. For some, that’s quite a change. – Corona puts us all in a new situation. Work structures are turned upside down, and we have sought new ways to live in a “new normal” society.

Working in times of Corona is different. 

Covid-19 turned everything upside down. In March 2020, many of us grabbed our laptops, cell phones, and the most important documents and prepared to work from home. Since then, we have communicated with teams mainly virtually with help from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and many other tools. 

The workplace has changed.

Everyone used to work in the office. Today it is like this: A cozy corner at the kitchen table or a nice desk corner by the window with plants and a beautiful view – the workplaces resemble the people working on them. Do you know how your colleagues feel in their home office and how they work there?

 How are your colleagues doing in their home office? 

You are in close communication day after day, with a steady internet connection – some teams leave the video lines open all day and have lunch together online as they are used to in the meeting room. Who would have thought that this would be the new normal a year ago?

Working around Corona 

Take advantage of this unusual situation and bring the whole office together on one project. Document your “new normal” and tell each other how you are really doing. Take pictures of your workplaces at home and give each other your insider tips on how you cope. Create a magazine that gives courage, strengthens cohesion, exudes joy, and creates a memory of this weird time.

Create a working-from-home magazine together online

You design your own magazine about working in the home office in the same process as you are currently using: everyone responsible for themselves and yet all online together. In the Jilster Editor, as many individuals can work together on a magazine project. However, you only need one person to create the project and become editor-in-chief, who can then invites the others by e-mail.

The editor – creating magazines.

In our editor, you can design any magazine you want. Our easy-to-use online editor offers many options of professionally designed magazine templates that you can use as a basis and starting point for your own project.

Our beautiful magazine template

Our graphic designers have specially designed a new magazine template in which everything revolves around working from the home office. It is filled with great sections, ideas, and inspiration. You can use this as a starting point for your own home office magazine and then really get started. The magazine template can be found in the Jilster editor. Click on the button below and get started right away!