Marriage in snow and ice

A winter wedding. Outside the freezing cold, hearts filled with love and warmth. Gently floating snowflakes, ice crystals in your eyelashes, snow-covered trees, a wedding dress with special winter accessories and incredibly beautiful wedding photos in a special setting. It is not without reason that winter weddings are considered particularly romantic and enchanting.

A special gift for a special wedding

To such an unusual and dreamlike wedding in romantic scenery the gifts and attentions for the newlyweds should be just as charming and catch the mood. At the same time the gift should come from the heart, be very personal and express the bond with the bride and groom. It is most beautiful when the gift is still used after many years to remember this special day

Create an unforgettable memory together with friends and relatives

The most wonderful thing about a wedding is of course the radiant love of bride and groom and the promise of marriage. But pretty much immediately afterwards comes the feeling of community. Friends and relatives, the dearest and most important people are there to celebrate this celebration together. And this is exactly what you can use when you give a gift: Create a unique and unforgettable wedding magazine together with friends and relatives.

Individual wedding gift with a personal touch

Together you can all get creative in the Jilster Editor. You can sit comfortably at home at the dining table or on the sofa and use the editor online. Maybe you would like to become editor-in-chief and invite everyone else via e-mail. At the same time, you can assign page(s) to each person, which they can edit and fill with their text and photos. It’s helpful if you have a layout that you have designed in advance, which simply needs to be filled.

Customize the magazine template according to your needs

See which elements of the magazine template you can customize for “your” bridal couple and which you want to use from the original template. Use the invitation card as a guide for the theme. The colors and the style elements used on the cards are also used in table decorations, flower arrangements and in the details of the bride and groom’s outfits

For more information on how you can customize a magazine template, see the blog post on how to customize magazine templates.