Create a magazine as a Christmas present together with your family. Bundle all stories and photos in a Christmas glossy. Great as a gift for under the Christmas tree!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Are you looking forward to the fun of the holidays? Wining and dining and enjoying your time with loved ones. If only you could capture all those loving moments and put them in a box. Create a magazine together with family and / or friends in the atmosphere of Christmas. Nice to have yourself or to give as a present to others.

Enjoy the result together

When you work together in Jilster’s online program, there is always one person editor-in-chief. The editor-in-chief invites other family members and/or friends to create a page in the magazine with texts and photos. In this way you will work together on a special Christmas edition in which all Christmas wishes will be bundled.

A unique Christmas gift

Who are you gonna make a magazine for? Work together on a magazine as a joint family gift or surprise your father, your partner or your son or daughter with a personal magazine as a Christmas gift. You can ask others to send you a content, a nice Christmas wish and some photos. It can be nice to have everyone answer questions like: ‘What things make Christmas special for you and for whom you would like to light a candle?

Sections can be added to the magazine, such as Christmas recipes, Christmas photos from previous years, the Christmas dinner menu, funny anecdotes, carols, Christmas poems, Christmas stories, a calendar, and so on.

Join Forces

It is useful to divide the tasks among yourselves in advance. Make use of each other’s talents. Make someone responsible for the communication and let someone with an eye for style and detail do the design. Note: The chief editor is ultimately responsible for the result, monitors the deadline and can order the magazine as a printed copy.