We’ve been busy in 2017 and we’re continuing the trend in 2018. We’re working on a brand new editor for all your magazine making needs. It’s expected to launch no later than the summer of this year. It’s a ton of work for our lone programmer, so we ask that you bear with us as we enter the final stages of its completion.

What it means for you

What it means for our users is that you have a new editor to look forward to. For now though, you can keep working in the current editor. We’ll let you know as soon as any changes are made that affect the way you create your magazines.

When the time comes, we will keep both editors up and running as we slowly transition to the new editor. We will give you ample time to make arrangements for any existing magazines, so you will not lose anything. We will help you prepare for the transition and make sure every single magazine is saved on our servers until you are ready to take the steps needed to save your magazine on your own computer or order a physical copy. We’ve got you covered.

What’s Coming in the New Editor

The new editor will enable you to crop photos right in the editor. You’ll no longer need to crop images before you upload them. We’re also adding various filters that you can add to you images. The background and ‘theme’, or rather, clip art images are getting an update too! We’re also introducing a new way to organize your photos similar to organizing photos on a Windows computer. This will make it easier to sort large amounts of photos and place the right images on the right magazine pages, every time.

First Round of Testing

The first round of testing has concluded and we’ve received some valuable feedback from various users. This information has been vital to the production of the new editor, because it helps us pinpoint things that aren’t working correctly or things that need to be improved. This is great because our goal is always to make it as easy as possible for all of your to create your own magazines.

Frank, our programmer, is working hard

Our programmer, Frank (Hi, Frank!), is working hard on getting rid of all those bugs from the first round of testing. After that he will be moving on to adding the new background and clip art images, tweaking the design to get it just right, and making sure all the buttons and options do what they’re supposed to when you click or select them.

What’s Next?

So, what’s next? We’re planning on launching another testing round before we launch. This will probably start in March 2018. If you’d like to participate as a tester, keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter. We’ll be announcing it there.

We’ll be providing you with more information on all the changes as the work on the new editor progresses. Stay tuned!