Fast the best quality, that’s Jilster. The secret? Teamwork

You can work together on different locations and pages at the same time.

STEP 1: The editor-in-chief invites friends to create a page.
STEP 2: Put all your creativity in the pages of the magazine.
STEP 3: Finish the magazine by checking and ordering it.
STEP 4: The moment of giving.

Making a beautiful magazine together: Who do you invite?

You can easily send an invitation to family, friends and colleagues and assign one or more pages. Anyone can add their own photos and texts to the magazine. By inviting friends, variation and creativity grow. And so you can achieve the best result in less time. Combine the best stories, valuable memories and best photos in a homemade magazine that is even more personal. Meet Jilster. Find out for yourself how easy Jilster works and what’s possible.

Create your own magazine together.