Because you are my beloved …

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. This special day full of love is a good opportunity to say once again: my love for you is great. Together we can do anything. You are just great … – There are many different ways to do this.

The right gift for Valentine’s Day?

Have you already chosen or prepared a gift for your loved one for Valentine’s Day? – Something romantic, something personal, it should be something incomparable. Something that does justice to the special bond and trust between you two.

Surprise with a Valentine’s Day gift.

Be creative and gather all your thoughts to share with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Formulate your love in the most beautiful words … and create your own magazine as a personalized gift for Valentine’s Day. The magazine will only come alive through you and your stories. At Jilster, you’ll find the perfect setting for it.

A self-designed magazine for Valentine’s Day

Designing your own magazine is a breeze. In Jilster Editor, you can design your own magazine for free with lots of tools and options and put all your love in there.

A romantic magazine template for your Valentine’s Day gift

In the Jilster Editor, you will find everything you need to create your own magazine for Valentine’s Day. You bring your content and your creative ideas.

Topics for articles in your Valentine’s Day magazine

Need some more inspiration for your project? Here are our favorite ideas for a romantic magazine for Valentine’s Day. Which of these do you like best?

-Your own poem
-Love letter
-Recipe for our love
-Big and small plans for the future
-My compliments to you
-Photos of our most beautiful trips
-How we met

Our beautiful magazine template

How do you like our beautiful magazine template in the pictures? We are quite in love with the layout, which is at the same time pure, clear and yet romantic and soft. Do you feel the same way?

In Jilster Editor you can find this template among the other magazine templates. You can use it free of charge as a basis for your own magazine. You can choose the layout for each page. Change texts and photos, change colors, choose different fonts, etc. And so, piece by piece, you create your very own Valentine’s Day layout.

Have your Valentine’s Day magazine printed

When you like your finished magazine and all the mistakes are corrected, you can send your magazine as a free online magazine to your boyfriend or girlfriend or have it printed and choose from three different versions.

Romantic poems for a wedding magazine

It doesn’t get more romantic than a wedding, does it? – A wedding magazine full of love is a special gift for this uniquely beautiful event. A little bit of poetry should not be missing: Some stylish and romantic poems should definitely find a place in it. They round off the wedding magazine.

Poems for the wedding magazine

You can write atmospheric wedding poems for a wedding magazine yourself if you have the time and talent for it. But there are also some sites on the Internet where you can find beautiful, appropriate and romantic poems that you can easily integrate into your wedding magazine. So your wedding magazine gets an extra touch of romance.

If you do not want to write your own poems, then you can find many beautiful and romantic poems in books or on the Internet, which you can print in the wedding magazine for the bride and groom. Additionally, you can add a beautiful design yourself.

Displaying poems in your wedding magazine

A coherent romantic – perhaps even humorous poem is one thing. The atmospheric appropriate display in the magazine is the other.
You will need the right layout for pictures to stand out. This also applies to (romantic) poems. That’s why you should place a lot of emphasis on a good layout.

Integrate the romantic poem into your layout

Poems are especially effective if you include them in your wedding magazine with enough space. Give the lines and words plenty of space to show them off. Don’t squeeze them into a small empty corner on an already well-filled page, but rather choose a whole page just for your text. If the text is short, a lively background that is not too dominant can fill the page with life. For example, choose a calm landscape photo for the background and decide on a maximum of two fonts for the poem. The font for the headline can be a bit more elaborate.

Give your poem enough room for romance.

Do you feel like creating your own calendar?
Do you know the feeling that you are looking for a new calendar for the new year, clicking through numerous websites or browsing in stores, but you just can’t find the right one? – We at Jilster know this too. Sometimes, for example, the photos are beautiful, but the calendar is impractical – or the other way around. Sometimes you don’t have enough space to write, sometimes there are too many blank spaces. Sometimes you don’t like the font, or you’re bothered by the colors … All this can be solved.

Just create a calendar that has it all

Why not make your own calendar for 2021 and it will be just the way you like it. Your self-designed calendar is guaranteed to bear your signature and is tailored to your needs. Whether large or small, bright colors or rather the soft tones, whether simple font or opulent typography – landscape pictures, animal motifs or buildings, travel pictures, photos of your favorite people or all mixed together – you alone decide what you like and how your 2021 should look. – And in the Jilster Editor, you’ll find everything you need.

Your best photos for a whole year

Choose the best pictures

Maybe you’ve thoughtfully scrolled through your Instagram feed at the end of the year or looked at the best snapshots in your photo folder. Some of them you might want to see a little more often. Pre-sort your photos ahead of time. Which photos would you like to use? Which ones go best with which months? A snow photo in August or a fall photo in March might not be so nice. So think about which photo you want to assign to which month.

Design your calendar the way you like it

Jilster Editor is a graphics program that gives you all the possibilities to create your own calendar. You can also get support from our layout professionals in the team: In the magazine templates section, you can also find templates for designing calendars. Click your way through. You can then adapt the individual elements according to your ideas. Add fonts and decorative elements, adjust fonts and colors, enlarge or reduce elements, change the format: Do you want a foldable calendar to hang on the wall or would you rather put one on the table to flip through? You are your calendar designer and you decide. Have fun with it!

Saying thank you, successes and appreciating solidarity

A challenging year is coming to an end. One thing all companies can say is that this was a special year. One that we have never experienced before. While some industries were particularly shaken up, others fought their way through, and some companies even had their most successful year so far. What was it like for your business?

Look back, remember, and collect the highlights of the year

Due to this strange year, it is perhaps even more important now than ever to look back and say “thank you” to all those who have contributed. Whether B2B or B2C, you can show appreciation with a stylish magazine you have designed yourself. Create your own magazine as a team, which summarizes the past year. 

Many possibilities for your own magazine

This Christmas, instead of sending formal Christmas cards, you can send a playful and perhaps humorous magazine wishing your customers or staff a season’s greetings. Design your magazine with a Christmassy look or use a stylish minimalist design to document milestones, special events and successes with select business customers. In the Jilster Editor, you are guaranteed to find a magazine template that is right and easy for you.

Many professionally designed magazine templates

In the Jilster Editor, you have access to several professionally designed magazine templates. You can use these as a base when creating your magazine. Whether B2B or B2C – there is a large selection of styles for you to choose from guaranteed to fit your target group.

Easy and uncomplicated work in the Jilster Editor

Designing your own magazine with a professional look is not as difficult as it seems. That’s a promise. However, the reaction of those who receive the magazine from you will be worth it. The Jilster Editor is a graphics program that offers many possibilities to customize a magazine template. Whether you want to compliment your company’s colors or your font – it only takes a few clicks, and the result is convincing. It is worth trying for yourself and you can even do this from your home office without any problems. Since it is all online, you can all simultaneously work together on your magazine project. It couldn’t be easier!

Design your own riddles for a wedding magazine

In a wedding magazine, a page with exciting puzzles and brain games should not be missing. In this article, we explain how you can create your own fun crossword puzzle, a Mr & Mrs quiz, or a wedding test for the wedding magazine.

Fun times at the wedding party

A wedding is an exciting day, but it can also be very long. Especially for the guests, there are often waiting times, for example when the bride and groom are taking wedding photos or while waiting for the food. For these moments you should think of a little fun: a puzzle page in the wedding magazine is a welcome change for all impatient guests. We present you the three following types of riddles:

A crossword puzzle for the wedding newspaper

The crossword puzzle is the classic brain teaser. It is especially nice if you design a crossword puzzle specifically for this wedding

The Mr & Mrs Quiz

Another kind of riddle is the Mr & Mrs quiz. The question here is how well do the bride and groom know each other? Does the bride know her sweetheart’s favorite movie or the name of his first-grade teacher? Does the groom really listen to his fiancée or does he prefer not to? Does he know the name of her first pet and with which friend she went on vacation alone for the first time? With the Mr & Mrs quiz, you can check the bride and groom’s knowledge.

The big wedding test

Are the wedding guests experts when it comes to getting married? You can find out with a self-designed wedding test. Think about different knowledge questions about getting married.

Design your own puzzles in Jilster Editor – here’s how!

Create your own crossword puzzle

Fortunately, there are some handy online programs on the Internet that make it much easier for you to create your own crossword puzzle. Just think of the questions and answers and the program will generate the puzzle for you. The program spits out the finished puzzle after a few seconds.

For the crossword puzzle, you simply think of the most exciting questions about the bride and groom. Here are a few examples:

– Where did the couple meet?

– What is the father of the bride’s profession?

– Which series has the groom never missed an episode of?

– In which month did the marriage proposal take place?

– What is the maid of honor’s middle name?

The bride and groom’s lives offer you plenty of material for your riddle. You can also ask friends and family of the bride and groom to each send you a question with an answer. Then you have a large selection and can pick out the best, most difficult, or funniest questions.

Design the Mr & Mrs quiz yourself

In our online editor, you’ll find a great template for the Mr & Ms quiz in the wedding magazine template “Wedding/Romantic”. You can easily use this template for your wedding magazine.

Before the wedding ceremony, copy the template several times and cut out the cards. The bride and groom now each fill out a set about themselves. These will be the control cards. Then the game can begin! Now have them both answer the questions about each other. For each correct answer, you can score as many points as indicated at the top of the card. Write down the correct answers on the scorecard, add up all the points and you know the winner. You can also get the wedding guests involved by giving all the guests two sets of cards. This way they can guess along and write down their answers about the bride and groom.

The big wedding test: Test your knowledge about getting married

Are the wedding guests experts when it comes to getting married? You can find out with a self-designed wedding test. Think about different questions about getting married, for example:

What should the bride wear in her shoe to avoid money troubles in marriage?

a) Nettle

b) ice cube

c) lucky cent

d) Invoice of the shoes

Why does the groom carry the bride over the threshold?

a) Ghosts lurk under the doorstep.

b) The bride’s feet hurt from her wedding shoes.

c) So that the bride can get to the fireplace quickly.

d) It proves the strength of the groom.

You can also find a design for this quiz in the magazine template “Wedding/Romantic”. You can easily customize it in the Jilster Online Editor. The layout is already done. You just have to think of the right questions.

The solution to the puzzle

In a magazine, the solutions to a puzzle are traditionally upside down or on the last page, so that readers are not so quick to cheat. But there is another way: Give your readers a special incentive to find the right solution. Think of a solution word that reveals a “secret” about the bride and groom or the wedding, for example, the location of the bride and groom’s first kiss or the title of the opening song. The solution word can also be the password for a website where you can look at all the pictures of the day after the wedding. This way you will arouse the curiosity of the guests to find as many answers as possible.

Well, do you already know which of the riddles will be in your wedding magazine? Or maybe all three?

For many, Christmas is the one time of the year that the whole family gets together. So it’s an ideal time to take photos together. Especially if a wedding or a milestone birthday is coming up next year and up-to-date photos are needed for a self-designed magazine. We have a great idea for those of you who prefer a more colorful Christmas: recreate photos from the past!

Old photos made new

You may have seen photos like this somewhere before: (young) adults who recreated photos from their childhood with a lot of improvisational talent. To do this, the same people from back then get into the same poses, if possible, in the same surroundings and environment. Taking such photos is not only super fun, but you will also have great results!

Preparing the photoshoot

Of course, the photoshoot should be well prepared to make it a complete success: Rummage through old photo albums and pick out your favorite photos. Look at them carefully and decide if they are feasible:

-Do you see the people in the photo on Christmas Day?

-Are they willing to participate in your action?

-Where were the photos taken?

-Can you repeat the photo in the same place? If not, where can you recreate the photo?

-What do you need to recreate the photo situation as closely as possible?

-Do the original accessories still exist?

Dealing with challenges

Sometimes you can’t recreate a photo 1 to 1. It may be that one of the people in the photo is unfortunately no longer alive. Then the younger generation could take their place, for example, the youngest granddaughter could take the place of grandma.

In such photos, you can see not only the change of the people but funnily enough, you can also see how the surroundings have changed in time. Your parents moved some time ago and that’s why the family photo can’t be taken in the old living room? – Then take the photo in your brother’s student house. After all, he took the red leather couch with him. You can bet that your mom will be amazed when she sees the condition the couch is in today.

Create a magazine with the photos

The photoshoot offers great material for a birthday or wedding magazine: You can fill a few pages of your magazine not only with the result, but also with the creation and the stories behind the photos.

In a reportage, for example, you could take a look behind the scenes: Why did you choose exactly these photos? What are the stories behind them and what do the photos have to do with the birthday boy or girl or the bride and groom? How did the photoshoot go?

Of course, the original photos for comparison should not be missing. With old photos, however, the resolution is often a problem, especially if there are no negatives left.

With just a few clicks, you can upload the “real” and the recreated photos into the Jilster Online Editor and use them to design your magazine.

Perfectly organized cooperation for the graduation magazine

Collaboration – an opportunity and a challenge

Are you already in the middle of preparing your graduation magazine? – It can quickly become chaotic when you’re full of enthusiasm. When a lot of people want to be involved, it can be at the expense of structure and overview. Then one person doesn’t know what the other may have already started. Some things are done twice, others not at all. – Neither is ideal. This applies to almost all tasks in preparing a graduation magazine: planning pages, writing texts, contacting advertising partners, calculating the size of the magazine, choosing and changing the layout …

Control and structure

As boring as it may sound to some: a sensible structure, practical tools and fairly distributed tasks save time in preparing the graduation magazine and ensure that the overview is maintained and that everyone knows at all times what is still pending for them – and also for the others. This way, you can help each other or support each other when things go wrong.

Get an overview of the details

Use structuring tools

Digital tools that help you structure and sort your to-dos are particularly practical. From the big to small tasks, you can first subdivide the to-dos according to the main topic of the graduation magazine and then break them down into individual tasks, which can then be assigned to specific people. We find Trello, Asana, Microsoft To Do, etc. practical for organizing yourself.

Communication tools for your team

It is also worth taking a look at the communication tools. For an all-team meeting, you should use a channel where everyone can meet and exchange ideas at the same time – for this, the content is volatile. Some things, however, are better put down in writing for future reference, should you choose a different channel. Things that occur to you “behind closed doors” also belong in a tool where everyone responds when they have time. And in order to communicate in the best possible way, we find these tools practical: Slack, Jitsi, Zoom, Telegram.

Details that can easily get lost

We have compiled a list of topics for you with small but important details that can easily get lost in the preparations for a graduation magazine and lead to a lot of chaos.

-Budget: state of your finances (plan further activities if necessary)

-Choose a photographer (with equipment)

-Overview of course photos

-Appointments for portrait photos

-Acquire advertisers

-Plan and reserve ad space in the graduation magazine

So, have you thought about everything? Should we add a faux pas or two to our list? You can share your experiences with the customer service and we will add them to our list.

People react emotionally to color: Colors are a key

Colors have a strong effect on humans and can evoke different feelings. The personal association and effect of color are of course individual, but there are also color perceptions that we all share. Colors can have both negative and positive effects: For example, red can be associated with love, passion, and romance, but also with anger, pain, and danger.

Colors in your self-designed magazine

When you start to design your own magazine, it is important to consciously decide which colors to use for the design. Because color influences the feelings and perception of the readers. It is advisable to choose colors for the magazine that visually match the theme (e.g. white and red for the wedding magazine) and the design, but also the feeling you want to convey to the readers (e.g. bluish tones instead of red for a winter wedding).

Create your own color composition

Color combinations

First, think about what you want to say with your magazine and for whom it is intended. If you want to make a strong impression, you can choose colors that are opposite each other in the color spectrum: Color combinations with yellow and purple, red and green or blue and orange. If you want to create a calming, relaxing effect, it is better to choose colors that are close together, for example, green and blue or orange and yellow.

Background color

If you choose a background color, white is a good choice in most cases, but a pastel color can also be very nice. For example, a soft pink or a light blue are possible.

Recurring colors

Is there a color tone that is repeated again and again in the illustrations on the page? Then this one is perfectly suited to be used more often in the design. If you use the chosen color more than once, it will make the layout more coherent. Color alone can create a connection between different elements. In this way, you also prevent the color selection from becoming too colorful and the color design of your page from getting out of balance.

Text formatting

If you decide to combine colors with text,  as a colored background or for the font itself, you should make sure that the text remains readable. It is therefore important to create strong contrasts between font and background. It is best to avoid dark backgrounds for text.

The context

Finally, the context in which you want to use color is also important. The color intensity plays a role here: the lighter a color, the softer the effect and impact of the color. The Jilster Editor offers many ways to play with colors and color combinations. Also, take a look at our professionally designed magazine templates. With them, the colors have been finely tuned to the type of magazine.

Marriage in snow and ice

A winter wedding. Outside the freezing cold, hearts filled with love and warmth. Gently floating snowflakes, ice crystals in your eyelashes, snow-covered trees, a wedding dress with special winter accessories and incredibly beautiful wedding photos in a special setting. It is not without reason that winter weddings are considered particularly romantic and enchanting.

A special gift for a special wedding

To such an unusual and dreamlike wedding in romantic scenery the gifts and attentions for the newlyweds should be just as charming and catch the mood. At the same time the gift should come from the heart, be very personal and express the bond with the bride and groom. It is most beautiful when the gift is still used after many years to remember this special day

Create an unforgettable memory together with friends and relatives

The most wonderful thing about a wedding is of course the radiant love of bride and groom and the promise of marriage. But pretty much immediately afterwards comes the feeling of community. Friends and relatives, the dearest and most important people are there to celebrate this celebration together. And this is exactly what you can use when you give a gift: Create a unique and unforgettable wedding magazine together with friends and relatives.

Individual wedding gift with a personal touch

Together you can all get creative in the Jilster Editor. You can sit comfortably at home at the dining table or on the sofa and use the editor online. Maybe you would like to become editor-in-chief and invite everyone else via e-mail. At the same time, you can assign page(s) to each person, which they can edit and fill with their text and photos. It’s helpful if you have a layout that you have designed in advance, which simply needs to be filled.

Customize the magazine template according to your needs

See which elements of the magazine template you can customize for “your” bridal couple and which you want to use from the original template. Use the invitation card as a guide for the theme. The colors and the style elements used on the cards are also used in table decorations, flower arrangements and in the details of the bride and groom’s outfits

For more information on how you can customize a magazine template, see the blog post on how to customize magazine templates.

Content, ideas, and topics for the self-designed birthday newspaper

Grandma Ruby is turning 70 and you are planning a very special present together with all the grandchildren. – You want to surprise your best friend on her 18th birthday with a self-designed magazine. – Your father is celebrating his 50th birthday and everyone wants to get involved and create a great magazine together.

What do I write about?

Highly motivated you decided to do this, maybe the project has already been created in the Jilster Editor – and then you sit in front of the white sheet of paper, the blinking cursor warns you to start writing and you ask yourself: “What am I writing about? Then read on. Because here it’s all about how you develop ideas, decide on content, and, above all, what the focus should be.

Find the right topics for your birthday magazine

When you decide on the themes for a birthday magazine, you should never lose sight of the fact that it is a gift for the birthday person and you want to make him or her happy! So always keep in mind that you write FOR instead of ABOUT the birthday boy or girl. This makes it much easier to get a focus, keep it, collect ideas, and write articles. We’ve put together a few ideas that make your magazine wonderful:

Articles and topics for your birthday newspaper


A timeline with the most important milestones in life belongs of course in every birthday magazine! Birth, school enrollment, driving license, first vacation without parents, graduation, first apartment, first job, … depending on age there are some milestones.

It becomes particularly personal when you ask family members and friends about the events of their lives: “Where were you when the birthday child was born”, “What is the first thing you remember when you think of the vacation with the birthday child in Mexico”, “What do you still have to laugh heartily about when you talk about the wedding”, etc. In this way you will also experience things that even the birthday child might not have known. You can process this “exclusive information” as comments and anecdotes in the timeline. Maybe grandma and grandpa or the best friend still have photos that even the birthday child has never seen. In the editor you will find a nice double page under “Other templates”, which you can use to create a great timeline from all the nice memories and pictures:

Review: The year of birth

A review of the year of birth is of course also needed! Here you can put the most important headlines and the hottest gossip from the year the birthday child was born. The music and movie charts are always interesting. Which song was number 1 on your birthday? Which movie had the most visitors that year? If the birthday child has a favorite sport or club, you can find out which athlete was successful that year or how his or her favorite club did. Also the fashion(sins) of the year are definitely worth a mention!

Do you remember…?

You must have experienced an extraordinary moment with the birthday boy or girl, which you remember with great pleasure. Maybe it was the trip to the amusement park or the common lunch breaks, where there was always so much to laugh about. Friends and relatives will feel the same. Ask them to write down their memories with the birthday boy or girl and pick out photos. They will surely be happy about it.

Reportage: A wish that comes true

Friends and relatives have already told you which heart’s desire they will fulfill for the birthday child on his or her birthday? Then make an article about it so that the gift is guaranteed to be unforgettable. Photos and a little story about it fit well into your magazine. Gisela’s husband wants to surprise his sweetheart with a trip to the Maldives? Mom and Dad will give their son a week in Cancun with the boys? – Then insider tips and must-see places at his vacation destination should not be missed! By the way, we have a few templates on the topic of vacations, which you can customize in the editor according to your wishes for your gift report.

… and there is so much more

These are just a few of the many possible themes that will make your birthday newspaper a very special gift. Congratulations from other guests should not be missing in your magazine, or a horoscope for a look into the future.

With these tips you are well prepared to create your own birthday newspaper, aren’t you?