Whether you’re looking for a way to create a magazine for your company or you want to create a magazine from scratch, we can help. Creating a magazine can seem like a difficult task. It seems like it would take a lot of time and the hardest part is, where do you start?

Jilster enables it’s user to easily create a magazine together. The tool allows for it’s users to invite each other to fill in pages and comes with a wide range of editing options. No prior editing experience needed.

Simply start a new magazine, start uploading photos and entering text and you’re on your way to your own magazine business or company magazine.

start your own business magazine make a magazine jilster template editor

Business magazine template

To make it as easy as possible, we regularly add new templates, including business themed templates, like the one below.

create a magazine for business example jilster company magazine

Print and Digital

It’s a good idea to have a digital version of your magazine available as well as a high quality print version. Once you’ve completed your magazine, you can have it printed in a variety of different types (stapled or adhesive binding, matte or glossy cover and soft or hard cover). You can also purchase a PDF file of your magazine that you can send to clients or other company contacts.

magazine format print example magazine print types bottom

maagzine format print example magazine print types fanned

Alternatively you can choose to share your magazine online. You can customize your magazine’s url and share that link via e-mail or social media, or embed your magazine’s code into your website.

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