Important to remember when working in the school newspaper team

You can never start early enough.

Even if it seems that you still have a lot of time until the printing deadline, it is never too early to start preparing the school’s newspaper as time can easily slip through your fingers.


The editorial team can’t be too big.

Does a school newspaper team already exist? Was there a large turn out for the first (virtual) meeting of the newspaper and the editorial team resulted with a vast number of classmates? Too many? Do not worry. They will reduce by themselves. You can be sure that quite a few more will leave you before the press deadline because sometimes teammates change committees or do not have time anymore. Therefore, you shouldn’t divide all tasks in detail yet in the beginning. You should, however, appoint the editor-in-chief or the editor-in-chief team as early as possible. They are the basis for the school magazine.

Organize the topics

Nevertheless, you can roughly plan and distribute tasks. It would be best if you divide into groups. Have a group that can take care of the layout; another can collect content, write and research; one group for photographers and another group to take care of the finances. 


Collaborate online with your editorial team

There are great tools that allow you to work together on your school magazine online right from your home without having to meet in person. Tools like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet make it possible to meet online, present results, show drafts and exchange ideas. You can plan regular meetings to discuss the progress of the magazine and to assign upcoming tasks.

Work together online in the school newspaper

And the Jilster editor is online as well. In the Jilster Editor, all team members have access to your school magazine project. To ensure that nothing gets mixed up, you can assign individual pages of the magazine to the editorial team members, filled with texts or photos. This way, you can work effectively.


A complete overview all the time  

At the same time, you can keep an overview. The editors-in-chief can see all pages and always knows what’s in the school magazine and what is still missing. Not only is this practical, but it also saves you time.