For many, Christmas is the one time of the year that the whole family gets together. So it’s an ideal time to take photos together. Especially if a wedding or a milestone birthday is coming up next year and up-to-date photos are needed for a self-designed magazine. We have a great idea for those of you who prefer a more colorful Christmas: recreate photos from the past!

Old photos made new

You may have seen photos like this somewhere before: (young) adults who recreated photos from their childhood with a lot of improvisational talent. To do this, the same people from back then get into the same poses, if possible, in the same surroundings and environment. Taking such photos is not only super fun, but you will also have great results!

Preparing the photoshoot

Of course, the photoshoot should be well prepared to make it a complete success: Rummage through old photo albums and pick out your favorite photos. Look at them carefully and decide if they are feasible:

-Do you see the people in the photo on Christmas Day?

-Are they willing to participate in your action?

-Where were the photos taken?

-Can you repeat the photo in the same place? If not, where can you recreate the photo?

-What do you need to recreate the photo situation as closely as possible?

-Do the original accessories still exist?

Dealing with challenges

Sometimes you can’t recreate a photo 1 to 1. It may be that one of the people in the photo is unfortunately no longer alive. Then the younger generation could take their place, for example, the youngest granddaughter could take the place of grandma.

In such photos, you can see not only the change of the people but funnily enough, you can also see how the surroundings have changed in time. Your parents moved some time ago and that’s why the family photo can’t be taken in the old living room? – Then take the photo in your brother’s student house. After all, he took the red leather couch with him. You can bet that your mom will be amazed when she sees the condition the couch is in today.

Create a magazine with the photos

The photoshoot offers great material for a birthday or wedding magazine: You can fill a few pages of your magazine not only with the result, but also with the creation and the stories behind the photos.

In a reportage, for example, you could take a look behind the scenes: Why did you choose exactly these photos? What are the stories behind them and what do the photos have to do with the birthday boy or girl or the bride and groom? How did the photoshoot go?

Of course, the original photos for comparison should not be missing. With old photos, however, the resolution is often a problem, especially if there are no negatives left.

With just a few clicks, you can upload the “real” and the recreated photos into the Jilster Online Editor and use them to design your magazine.