We stand for quality

You can also use the sample magazine to check the result beforehand.

The creation of a magazine, in which several people put their love, is printed and delivered by us with the same care. Jilster personally assesses its products by regularly taking samples. We assess the product on the following quality criteria:

1. Colour
2. The cover
3. White borders and finishing

Explanatory notes:
Does the colour match the design supplied by you? For example, no stripes are visible. We check the cover – the first one to be seen. Are the wishes stated – for example, gloss or matte – carried through? In addition, the cover must not contain any dents or cutting errors. It looks like a detail, but everything has to be placed correctly. If you want to place a photo collage over the entire page, you don’t want any white borders. This can be prevented by pulling the photos over the dotted line in the editing program. This often also applies to the cover where you want to cover the entire front and back cover without white borders. In the end, the total finishing of the product will be checked again before it is shipped. 

Does the received product not meet your requirements? Please contact our customer service immediately. They will test the product again and – if necessary – come up with a suitable solution.  Our customer service department can send you an email or call: customerservice@jilster.com or by phone on +31 (0)85-1306800.

Jilster loves nature

Our products are digitally printed on paper made from wood harvested according to PEFC rules and marketed under the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) label. This ensures that the paper used for Jilster magazines and books does not cause any damage to the forests.