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Choose the desired number of copies and the number of pages.

The price of your magazine depends on:

Shipping costs

To be certain that you magazine arrives in time we send your magazine(s) with a parcel service with track and trace. We can send an order with a small number of copies to some destinations by a cheaper mailbox service without track and trace. You can select various shipping methods during the order proces.

Worldwide delivery

Worldwide delivery is possible. Please contact our customer service department if you wish to ship your magazine to a country which is not mentioned.

Sample magazine

The price of a sample magazine is the price of a magazine for 100 copies. If you use the price calculator above and select copies '100' you'll see the price of one sample magazine. A sample magazine is watermarked on every page with a transparent watermark.

Pdf of cover (300 dpi) of magazine (72 dpi)

You can order 300 dpi pdf of the cover ($ 6,60) or 72 dpi pdf of the magazine ($ 5,27).

Payment methods

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