From all of us here at Jilster we’d like to say thank you for a wonderful year. Thanks to all the beautiful magazines you’ve made we can keep co-creating magazines for every occasion and continue to improve Jilster in 2019!

Goodbye 2018

Looking back at the year 2018. It has been a year of innovation and collaboration. In November we launched our new online page editor in the Netherlands. Many of our customers have already switched to the newest version of Jilster. We are looking forward to launching our new page editor in Englisch soon. Did you already tried it? What did you think of it?

Come join the Jilster pack!

Again we have seen a lot of amazing magazines this year. New users joined the Jilster pack, bringing their own interesting and inspiring stories. Also we delivered more than 60,000 magazines around the world. We are very proud of that!

A magazine in the name of love

Most of the magazines were made at school, for example for a school assignment or as a farewell present for children leaving primary school. There were also a lot of people who made a magazine in the name of love; a magazine as a birthday present or wedding gift. We noticed that each and every magazine was made with the best intentions and love.

What’s planned for 2019?

What do we have in store for 2019? That remains a surprise! Please keep following us on social media. Are you already a member of our newsletter?

We’re looking forward to a great 2019, together with you. A year full of new developments and exciting news!

Cheers to 2019!



meet pamela marketing jilster

meet pamela marketing jilster

Pamela is our resident marketeer. She creates content, analyzes website traffic and heads the creation of promotional material for Jilster’s Dutch and English language websites. She also works together with her German colleagues for the German side of marketing.

Meet Pamela

Pamela Pietersz (29) started as an intern at Jilster about 4 years ago. After she finished her studies however, Jilster wasn’t done with her yet! They offered her a job and she has been working here full time ever since.

Caribbean roots

You can’t tell by looking at her, but Pamela was born and raised on a little island in the Caribbean called Curaçao. This becomes evident the more you get to know her. Usually a quiet presence seated behind her computer screen, every now and then you’ll hear her humming along to a tune on the radio. But don’t let her calm demeanor fool you, she won’t hesitate to take action when she needs to.

A hand in every department

As a marketing professional, Pamela has a hand in every department Jilster has. She makes sure Jilster can be found online by the right people at the right time, and she researches website visitor behavior. She analyzes what search terms people use to find Jilster, and what blog posts get viewed the most and why, among other things. She also manages Jilster’s English language website. She translates content from Dutch to English, writes new content, and makes sure Jilster’s social media channels stay up to date.

Pamela likes to take the time to research things thoroughly “Because,” She says, “change on the internet is fast, but it pays to know why we change things, and that takes time. It can be frustrating at times, because online marketing results aren’t always as fast as the changes we apply.”

Creative spirit

Pamela: “My favorite part of the job is when I’m writing for our audience. I like putting myself in their shoes and thinking of creative ways to entertain, inspire, and motivate them. I ask myself: How do I approach, for example, teachers or people working in the healthcare industry and accurately convey the benefits of making a magazine when it comes to the work they do?”

Customized magazine for health care

We asked Pamela what she’d like to see in Jilster’s future: “I’d like to see Jilster make a positive contribution to health care. Two years ago I made my brother (who has an intellectual disability)  his own magazine. I made this magazine as a tool for his caretakers, as an add-on to his medical files. A recurring problem was that part time caretakers just didn’t have time to read through an entire medical file and this led to trouble. So, in my view, having a magazine with all the most important things of note and an overview of the person could help prevent some of these problems.”

“A really fortunate side-effect of this magazine ended up being that my brother was extremely proud of his magazine. I added a page with things he likes telling people about, a page with his favorite things and hobbies, a page of his accomplishments, and a page of things he still wants to do. He carried it around and proudly showed it off to everyone for weeks.”

“For caretakers as well as clients the magazine gives a quick visual overview of a person. I think this magazine helps caretakers determine how to care for their clients quicker, as well as contributes positively to the view clients have of themselves. As such, I think it’s a tool that positively contributes to health care in more ways than one.”


meet frank our programmer jilster make your own magazine

meet frank our programmer jilster make your own magazine

Frank is our programmer. He’s the one making sure the magazine editor does what you want it to, but right now, he’s got his hands full with the development of a new magazine editor. Join us as we find out what kind of person he is and what he thinks of his job here at Jilster.

“Hi Frank!”

Frank started working at Jilster in March 2017. Since then he has become an indispensable part of our team. His job mainly entails developing, maintaining, and updating the magazine editor (the parts where you’re viewing and editing your magazine pages). He also has a hand in the website and the account overview environments (when you’re logged in).

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Frank is proud of the work he does for Jilster: “People all over the world use Jilster. Making sure everyone can work on their magazines from anywhere in the world is a responsibility I like having and take pride in. That, and the continuous researching and testing out of new features for Jilster makes it very rewarding work to me”.

What kind of colleague are you?

“The office environment is relaxed and laid back. I’m known as the comic relief among my colleagues. I have a pretty dry sense of humor, but thankfully they can dig it. I really like my job. Not a day goes by when I don’t look forward to going into work.”

meet frank our programmer jilster make your own magazine

upcoming event love and marriage free tickets jilster make your own wedding magazine

upcoming event love and marriage free tickets jilster make your own wedding magazine

This month we’ll be at the Love and Marriage event in Utrecht. It’s the Netherlands’ largest wedding convention featuring a must see bridal catwalk show.

Love and Marriage 2018

The love and marriage event is where your wedding starts. Wedding professionals from every industry will be there to make sure your every wish comes true on your wedding day. Plus, get inspired by the latest trends on the catwalk. The NationalWedding Show is a must see for bride and groom alike.

Bring your significant other, mother, sisters, cousins, and friends and enjoy a fun day out together.

We’re excited to be a part of this event, an important step in any dream wedding! On March 17th and 18th we’re be there from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM spreading wedding cheer and inspiration.

The only gift truly worthy of a wedding

The day you get married is unique, an important moment in your lives. Months, and sometimes even years are spent planning the perfect wedding. Everything has to be just right, and that takes work.

The only way to truly reflect all the work that goes into this beautiful day is a personalized wedding magazine. High quality, unique, tangible and lasting, it’s the best way to document everything that went into planning that perfect wedding. Just like all the beautiful bridal magazines you’ve been browsing to plan your wedding. Only this time, the magazine will be truly yours.

So, are you a maid of honor, bridesmaid or mother(in-law)? Take note, because this may be the only gift that will do for the bride and groom. It’s the only gift that will reflect the day they have been dreaming of for so long, and the only gift that they will enjoy for years to come.

There’s a reason people list the first thing they save from a fire as ‘photo albums’. Photos have value. Add stories and design to those photos, stir it all up in Jilster, print it in high quality, and voila! Your photo album has been upgraded to magazine.

We’re a bit nervous asking this but, will you… make a wedding magazine with us? Say yes, I do!

Free tickets

We’re giving away 6 free tickets to this event! If you’re interested in attending this event free of charge, let us know by e-mailing us at or reaching out through the contact page! Hurry, offer only valid until tickets last.

More information: Love and Marriage 2018


jilster make your own magazine at IPON 2018

jilster make your own magazine at IPON 2018

Recently we were at the IPON educational event in Utrecht. It’s an event that revolves around educational innovation and IT.

IPON for educational innovation and IT

IPON is a two day event all about innovation and IT in education. This year marked it’s 9th anniversary. It’s an event centered around introducing anyone in the education industry to new technologies and ideas that can be used to improve education. Various uses and applications were showcased during this two day event.

The showcases included, but were not limited to:

  • Educational methods,
  • hardware,
  • software
  • 100+ workshops,
  • presentations,
  • keynotes,
  • Learning analytics,
  • augmented reality,
  • educational apps,
  • social media in classrooms,
  • working in the cloud,
  • digital identities,
  • gamification,
  • …and more.

We’re excited that we were able to be a part of this important event. On February 7th and 8th we were there from 9:30 AM until 17:00 PM spreading the word of our digital to print magazine for the classroom!

A digital to print magazine for every classroom

It’s no secret that the classroom is becoming more and more digital. Kids are finding their way to the internet and using the newest innovations and IT before they’re ever mentioned in the news. It’s important that they learn to make informed decisions when acting on the internet, and not only that, but for many, their future now depends on whether or not they master those internet, innovative and IT skills.

Jilster aims to combine all of the above. By having students create a magazine project together, they learn about working together online, making informed decisions, working in the cloud, image editing, magazine editing and so much more. The flexibility of the online editor allows teachers to incorporate different kinds of assignments, all in one platform.

Once the magazine is completed, the students can share their magazine online (for free) and alternatively also order a printed copy of the magazine they digitally created. A cross over into the real world from the internet world. Some things stay on the internet, but some things can become real; like a Jilster magazine!

Or find out more about Jilster for Education, here:  Magazines for Education

Curious? Get started and try Jilster free!


We’ve been busy in 2017 and we’re continuing the trend in 2018. We’re working on a brand new editor for all your magazine making needs. It’s expected to launch no later than the summer of this year. It’s a ton of work for our lone programmer, so we ask that you bear with us as we enter the final stages of its completion.

What it means for you

What it means for our users is that you have a new editor to look forward to. For now though, you can keep working in the current editor. We’ll let you know as soon as any changes are made that affect the way you create your magazines.

When the time comes, we will keep both editors up and running as we slowly transition to the new editor. We will give you ample time to make arrangements for any existing magazines, so you will not lose anything. We will help you prepare for the transition and make sure every single magazine is saved on our servers until you are ready to take the steps needed to save your magazine on your own computer or order a physical copy. We’ve got you covered.

What’s Coming in the New Editor

The new editor will enable you to crop photos right in the editor. You’ll no longer need to crop images before you upload them. We’re also adding various filters that you can add to you images. The background and ‘theme’, or rather, clip art images are getting an update too! We’re also introducing a new way to organize your photos similar to organizing photos on a Windows computer. This will make it easier to sort large amounts of photos and place the right images on the right magazine pages, every time.

First Round of Testing

The first round of testing has concluded and we’ve received some valuable feedback from various users. This information has been vital to the production of the new editor, because it helps us pinpoint things that aren’t working correctly or things that need to be improved. This is great because our goal is always to make it as easy as possible for all of your to create your own magazines.

Frank, our programmer, is working hard

Our programmer, Frank (Hi, Frank!), is working hard on getting rid of all those bugs from the first round of testing. After that he will be moving on to adding the new background and clip art images, tweaking the design to get it just right, and making sure all the buttons and options do what they’re supposed to when you click or select them.

What’s Next?

So, what’s next? We’re planning on launching another testing round before we launch. This will probably start in March 2018. If you’d like to participate as a tester, keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter. We’ll be announcing it there.

We’ll be providing you with more information on all the changes as the work on the new editor progresses. Stay tuned!


jilster at hello beautiful bridal event with randy fenoli january 2018

jilster at hello beautiful bridal event with randy fenoli january 2018

Next week we’ll be at the Hello Beautiful Event in Amsterdam, featuring none other than the incomparable Randy Fenoli!

Hello Beautiful!

Hello Beautiful – Amsterdam Bridal Event (previously known as ‘Say Yes to the Dress Event’) is a two day event based on Randy Fenoli, the face of the ever popular TV-show Say Yes to the Dress. If you happen to be in Amsterdam and are getting married soon, you cannot miss this event.

Bring your bridesmaids, maid of honor, mother (in-law), and your friends and enjoy a beautiful day out. Already married but still a Randy fan? You’re more than welcome to come!

We’re happy to be a part of this extra special bridal event. On January 13th and 14th we’ll be there from 10:00 AM to 17:00 PM spreading wedding cheer and bridal inspiration.

A gift worthy of a wedding

A wedding is a special day, a milestone in the lives of two people. Many weddings take months, sometimes even years, to plan. So much work goes into getting everything just right. A great way to showcase the wedding and everything that went into creating this perfect day, is by documenting it all in a beautiful magazine, just like the bridal magazines you see in stores. Only this time, the magazine will be personalized.

So, bridesmaids, maids of honor, mothers(in-law), and friends, take note, because this is the only wedding gift that will do. It’s the only wedding gift that can showcase the day the bride has been dreaming of for so long, and the only gift that she can keep enjoying for years to come.

Say yes to the dress, and say yes to your own wedding magazine!

Have you always been into magazines and wondered how they are made? While we can’t speak to the mass production of magazines, we can give you a glimpse into our production process here at Jilster.

We’ll show you what happens from the moment you’ve completed your magazine in the editor and placed your order, up to the moment your magazine arrives.

How are magazines printed

The moment has finally arrived. After all the hours you spent creating the perfect pages, your magazine is finally ready to be printed. Once you start the order process, the first order of business is selecting what format you’d like your magazine to be printed in. Do you want the regular magazine with matte or glossy cover? Binding stapled or glued? Or maybe you’d prefer a book. The choice is yours.

Tip: If you want to order more than one format, shoot us an e-mail at, we’re happy to help accommodate your wishes!

Once you’ve selected your desired format, the order process goes on to information like address and payment, and then you’re done!

As soon as you place your order, the high quality file of your magazine is processed (this takes some time, which is why you can’t edit your magazine immediately after ordering) and sent to the printer. The printer then processes your magazine file and, depending on the chosen format, produces your personalized magazine.

Printing process used to print magazines

The magazine printing process: Your high quality magazine file gets sent to a large iGen printer where the pages get printed, in the right order, and then get moved to the next step in the printing process. The cutting, stapling, gluing and laminating is all done manually. A person moves your unbound pages from machine to machine until the desired format is achieved. It is then packaged by hand and gets picked up by the shipping company.

A note on formats with adhesive bindings: These require drying time. This is why a glossy magazine with adhesive binding has a longer production time than the stapled format.

Stapled magazine with matte cover

  1. Your file is printed, (double-sided) by large iGen printers on A3, 135 grams paper (including the cover)
  2. Pages are cut along the cutting lines (not in the middle)
  3. Pages are stapled in the middle
  4. Magazine is packaged and shipped

Production time: 1 business days (shipping time depends on shipping country)

Stapled magazine with glossy cover

  1. Your file is printed, (double-sided) by large iGen printers on A3, 135 grams paper
  2. Your cover is printed separately on 250 grams paper and a glossy laminated cover is added
  3. Pages are cut along the cutting lines (not in the middle)
  4. Pages are stapled in the middle
  5. Magazine is packaged and shipped

Production time: 2 business days (shipping time depends on shipping country)

Glossy magazine with adhesive binding

  1. Your file is printed, (double-sided) by large iGen printers on A3, 135 grams paper
  2. Your cover is printed separately on 250 grams paper and a glossy laminated cover is added
  3. Inside pages are cut along the cutting lines (including the middle)
  4. The loose middle pages are glued to the middle of the cover
  5. Magazine is packaged and shipped

Production time: 2 business days (shipping time depends on shipping country)

Hardcover book

  1. Your file is printed, (double-sided) by large iGen printers on A3, 135 grams paper
  2. Your cover is printed separately on 450 grams material and a glossy laminated cover is added
  3. Inside pages are cut along the cutting lines (including) the middle
  4. The loose middle pages are glued to the middle of the cover (drying time required)
  5. The spine gets folds pressed in, which makes it possible to open and leaf through the book
  6. Book is packaged and shipped

Production time: 4 business days (shipping time depends on shipping country)

Ready for shipping

When your order is ready for shipping it’s moved to the packaging section at the printer. This is where the barcode on the back of your magazine is scanned and your address is added to the packaging. The shipping method used to ship your order depends on which shipping order you selected during the order process. If you’ve chosen for a method with track and trace, you will automatically receive an email on the day that your order is shipped.

Tip: Want to know when you can expect your order to arrive? Calculate it here.

how your magazine is made  production proces of magazine


It’s been quite the year. From launching a new website and participating (for the first time!) in events like the the Libelle Summer expo 2017 and Margriet Winter Fair 2017 to hiring new colleagues and interns, we’ve been busy. And so have you!


From existing customers finding new ways to use Jilster for a wide range of projects, to new users discovering the possibilities of Jilster, we’ve loved seeing you all create beautiful magazines. This year we produced and delivered more than 60.000 magazines worldwide, but we couldn’t have done it without you. We’re proud that we’re able to provide you with a means to get creative and make something special for any occasion.


This past year, most of the magazines you made were for birthdays. Wedding magazines came in close second. We’ve also noticed the number of magazines for educational purposes go up. You guys never cease to amaze us with your new ideas! Most of the educational magazines are being made by students as assignments or as a farewell gift for kids leaving elementary school.

NEW IN 2017

You may have noticed that we launched a new website over the summer. We’re happy with this new updated version of Jilster. What do you think? Next on the list is a new updated version of the editor. The editor will have more options and an updated look. You’ll be able to crop images, select multiple elements at the same time (grouping) and be able to choose from a wider variety of fonts and clip art. We can’t wait for launch!

This year we also made the move to a new printer. This has allowed us to print your magazines daily instead of three times a week, meaning delivery time has sped up quite a bit!


It’s been a busy year full of changes and progress, and this year won’t be any different. We’re not slowing down and we hope you won’t either. We’re looking forward to continue bringing you the best experience in magazine making we can, and seeing all the beautiful magazines and new projects you create!


new next business day printing personalised magazine or book

From now on we print your magazines and hardcover books every business day. Order your magazines before 12:00 PM noon (UTC +01:00) and they’ll be shipped within the week!new next business day printing personalised magazine or book

Shipping information

• A stapled magazine ordered on business days before 12:00 PM noon (UTC +01:00) will be shipped the following business day.
• A magazine with adhesive binding ordered on business days before 12:00 PM noon (UTC +01:00) will be shipped after 2* business days.
• A hardcover book ordered on business days before 12:00 PM noon (UTC +01:00) will be shipped after 4* business days.

*The magazine with the adhesive binding and hardcover books have longer processing times due to the adhesive needing to dry.

Updated delivery calculator

The delivery calculator has also been updated with these new shipping times. Use it to calculate the exact date you need to order your magazine or book in order to receive it on time for your event.