What’s your story?

Thinking and talking about the old days is something we all do. Everybody has their own life story. Even you. Far-reaching events, joyful and sad experiences, they occur in everyone’s life. They are a treasure trove of precious memories. Would you like to capture them? For yourself, for the children or the grandchildren? In a lifestyle magazine your story takes on a tangible form. And with a photograph of you as a cute toddler or good-looking student on the cover, you’ll make the picture complete!

Worth sharing

A lifestyle magazine can make someone shine. The lifestyle magazine is a tailor-made glossy about one person. It tells the story of a person’s life, his or her memories in a way that suits his or her situation and lifestyle. The great thing is that it can also be used by family, care-takers and volunteers to talk to people. And it is a nice gift for the main character and the family as well.