meet pamela marketing jilster

Pamela is our resident marketeer. She creates content, analyzes website traffic and heads the creation of promotional material for Jilster’s Dutch and English language websites. She also works together with her German colleagues for the German side of marketing.

Meet Pamela

Pamela Pietersz (29) started as an intern at Jilster about 4 years ago. After she finished her studies however, Jilster wasn’t done with her yet! They offered her a job and she has been working here full time ever since.

Caribbean roots

You can’t tell by looking at her, but Pamela was born and raised on a little island in the Caribbean called Curaçao. This becomes evident the more you get to know her. Usually a quiet presence seated behind her computer screen, every now and then you’ll hear her humming along to a tune on the radio. But don’t let her calm demeanor fool you, she won’t hesitate to take action when she needs to.

A hand in every department

As a marketing professional, Pamela has a hand in every department Jilster has. She makes sure Jilster can be found online by the right people at the right time, and she researches website visitor behavior. She analyzes what search terms people use to find Jilster, and what blog posts get viewed the most and why, among other things. She also manages Jilster’s English language website. She translates content from Dutch to English, writes new content, and makes sure Jilster’s social media channels stay up to date.

Pamela likes to take the time to research things thoroughly “Because,” She says, “change on the internet is fast, but it pays to know why we change things, and that takes time. It can be frustrating at times, because online marketing results aren’t always as fast as the changes we apply.”

Creative spirit

Pamela: “My favorite part of the job is when I’m writing for our audience. I like putting myself in their shoes and thinking of creative ways to entertain, inspire, and motivate them. I ask myself: How do I approach, for example, teachers or people working in the healthcare industry and accurately convey the benefits of making a magazine when it comes to the work they do?”

Customized magazine for health care

We asked Pamela what she’d like to see in Jilster’s future: “I’d like to see Jilster make a positive contribution to health care. Two years ago I made my brother (who has an intellectual disability)  his own magazine. I made this magazine as a tool for his caretakers, as an add-on to his medical files. A recurring problem was that part time caretakers just didn’t have time to read through an entire medical file and this led to trouble. So, in my view, having a magazine with all the most important things of note and an overview of the person could help prevent some of these problems.”

“A really fortunate side-effect of this magazine ended up being that my brother was extremely proud of his magazine. I added a page with things he likes telling people about, a page with his favorite things and hobbies, a page of his accomplishments, and a page of things he still wants to do. He carried it around and proudly showed it off to everyone for weeks.”

“For caretakers as well as clients the magazine gives a quick visual overview of a person. I think this magazine helps caretakers determine how to care for their clients quicker, as well as contributes positively to the view clients have of themselves. As such, I think it’s a tool that positively contributes to health care in more ways than one.”