manon l'eco magazine for school end project jilster

Manon de Ridder (which literally translates to Manon ‘The Knight’) is a student that did a ‘Color and Style’ course. For her end project, she made a magazine showcasing the course and everything she’s learned.

Manon L’Eco

Manon is full of ideas and can’t wait to get started on any of them. She has been busy completing her course and starting her own company, ‘Manon L’Eco’. She provides home visits to women who want personalized color and style advice. Women can enlist her services for professional recommendations on colors, clothes, and makeup, tailored specifically to them.

Manon travels the Eco-friendly way: “How do I travel to my customers? By electric bike. I’ll planning on doing that the first two years my business is running, and, depending on the growth of the business, I can upgrade to another mode of transportation.”

Manon also sells beauty products that are Eco-friendly. “The environment is extremely important to me. That’s why my company is called Manon L’Eco. The name is a play on the word ‘ecological’”.

She is planning on continuously adding content to her end project magazine, which she has called ‘A hint of color and style’.

“I’ve received so much positive feedback on the magazine and some people have even asked if it’s available for purchase! That why I’m planning on adding more of my own photos to the magazine, so that I can use it for my company as well.”

Get the look you want

Manon enjoyed using the editor to create her magazine: “Whether you use any of the pre-made templates or not, you have the freedom to make the magazine look exactly the way you want! Also, since the editor is online, you can use it anywhere. All you need is a computer with internet access. The editor is super easy to use too, which is why I’m recommending it to everyone.”

One last tip Manon would like to share: “When you’re ready to order your magazine, splurge and go for the magazine with a glossy cover. The format is absolutely beautiful.”

Check out Manon’s website, Pinterest and Instagram for more.