best birthday present gift idea make a magazine jilster


Give the best birthday present; a personalised magazine showcasing photos, memories and birthday wishes

birthday present best gift idea make a magazine together jilster


The best gift; celebrate birthdays with a personalised magazine full of personal photos, memories and milestones

The best birthday present you can give

Ever thought of a personalised magazine as a birthday present? Invite friends and family to create it together and add your own images, birthday wishes and a design fitting of the birthday boy or girl. Just imagine the look on their face when you hand them a magazine and they realize it’s them on the cover!

best birthday present make a magazine jilster

We print your personalised birthday magazine
in various high quality formats

You create your birthday magazine and we print it in high quality. Choose from various formats starting from as little as 4 pages and 1 copy of your magazine. This isn’t your average gift, so we make sure to offer the best print quality available, in whichever format you choose.

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magazine gift for grandmother make a magazine

A magazine for grandmother: “I got to bond with my family, and it was so easy to do!”

The Mankowski family worked together to make a magazine for their grandmother. Read on to find out more about their experience and how they created this special magazine.

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make a magazine for business fashion catalog

Beatrice San Francisco Fashion Magazine

Djamila made a magazine for Beatrice San Francisco, a clothing line she distributes in Ibiza, Spain. Jilster allowed her to easily create a magazine that showcases her company’s products both on- and offline.

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senior project make a magazine jilster high school education

Senior project magazine for high school

One of our customers made a magazine for a year long independent high school project know as ‘Senior Project’. The magazine is for her school community, teachers, and close family and friends.

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Online magazine
editing program

Jilster is an online program that enables users to create and edit their own birthday magazine. Create an account and get started for free. Upload images of the birthday boy or girl, type in a few fun stories and memories you have with them and create your own design on each page. Invite friends to edit one or more pages.

Once your magazine is completed, you can share it online, order a PDF, or order a printed version in various formats.

online magazine editor Jilster make a magazine together example
  • Step 1

    Create an account for free

  • Step 2

    Start a new magazine. Optional: send e-mail invitations to friends and family

  • Step 3

    Upload images, write or copy and paste your own texts, use clip art and create a design for your birthday magazine’s pages

  • Step 4

    Once the magazine is complete, share the magazine online, order a PDF or order a printed version of your birthday magazine

Create a magazine for a coworker; You can do it!

Creating a magazine used to be reserved for those who had extensive editing program knowledge. That’s no longer the case, since Jilster is an easy to use online program that enables anyone to create their very own magazines.

Create a magazine as a birthday gift for a loved one, as a wedding gift, business brochure, a coworker leaving, science fair magazine and so much more. Put your ideas in print with Jilster, anything is possible.

Imagine their surprise when they realize they’re on the cover of their own magazine!
best birthday present personalised magazine jilster

Create a magazine for any occasion…

Do you have a question?

Check out the Jilster guide. The guide has a lot of information on the entire magazine process from start to finish. It also contains information on working together in the online editor!

Looking for inspiration?

Check out the tips and tricks section. It’s updated regularly with tips and tricks to help you use the online editor to make the perfect magazine. Including tips on design, layout and content!

Share your experience!

Have you already made a magazine or book with Jilster? We’d like to know what you think about the process. Contact us and let us know! Your story could also be featured on the website.

Invite friends and family and create a beautiful magazine together.