It’s been quite the year. From launching a new website and participating (for the first time!) in events like the the Libelle Summer expo 2017 and Margriet Winter Fair 2017 to hiring new colleagues and interns, we’ve been busy. And so have you!


From existing customers finding new ways to use Jilster for a wide range of projects, to new users discovering the possibilities of Jilster, we’ve loved seeing you all create beautiful magazines. This year we produced and delivered more than 60.000 magazines worldwide, but we couldn’t have done it without you. We’re proud that we’re able to provide you with a means to get creative and make something special for any occasion.


This past year, most of the magazines you made were for birthdays. Wedding magazines came in close second. We’ve also noticed the number of magazines for educational purposes go up. You guys never cease to amaze us with your new ideas! Most of the educational magazines are being made by students as assignments or as a farewell gift for kids leaving elementary school.

NEW IN 2017

You may have noticed that we launched a new website over the summer. We’re happy with this new updated version of Jilster. What do you think? Next on the list is a new updated version of the editor. The editor will have more options and an updated look. You’ll be able to crop images, select multiple elements at the same time (grouping) and be able to choose from a wider variety of fonts and clip art. We can’t wait for launch!

This year we also made the move to a new printer. This has allowed us to print your magazines daily instead of three times a week, meaning delivery time has sped up quite a bit!


It’s been a busy year full of changes and progress, and this year won’t be any different. We’re not slowing down and we hope you won’t either. We’re looking forward to continue bringing you the best experience in magazine making we can, and seeing all the beautiful magazines and new projects you create!