Often is the simplest thing the most wonderful

You have decided to create your own magazine with the Jilster Editor. Have you already clicked through the beautiful magazine templates and maybe decided on one of them? Maybe you like the simple but high-quality professional layouts

Our simple templates for your magazine

We like our colorful and cheerful templates. But we love our pure, simple and plain magazine templates. The soft colors with the more intense accents. The calm fonts… The simple, elegant magazine templates that leave so much room for creativity are ideal for enhancing the impact of your photos and stories. The elegant layouts by professionals are not only wonderful, but also changeable.

Customize an elegant magazine template

Choose one of our simple magazine layouts and make it your own project. Of course you can do this by filling the pages with your own photos and text and placing the appropriate pages of the template in your project.

Add your personal touch

You can easily give the finished magazine template a personal touch and gie it your own layout. This is not difficult at all. The Jilster Editor is a real graphics program that offers a lot of possibilities and is intuitive to use. Use a page of the magazine template into your own project and then you can play around a bit: Decide on a different color for the accents. or change the color of the background. You can also customize the font, or even convert all of them. This way you create your own simple magazine.

A tip to save time

Once you have found the style that you really like and you have your perfectly designed magazine page, save it. Now open another empty page in your magazine project and transfer your already designed page from “My Pages” to this page. This way you can duplicate the layout page by page. Probably one layout will not fit all pages of your own magazine. In this case, take another designed page from the original magazine template and change exactly the same elements that you changed on the first page (font, color, background).