Creating personalised adverts is easy and makes for a great page in your magazine. A fun idea for a school magazine, birthday magazine or wedding magazine.

We often recommend checking out professionally made magazines for inspiration on what to add to your own magazine. Professionally made magazines have recurring elements like specific kinds of content (sections, features and columns), a certain text to image ratio, and ad pages, to name a few. Personalised adverts are one element you can add to you magazine easily, since they are highly customizable and allow you to get creative.

Let’s get started! What’s your goal?

First things first, let’s think about the goal of the ad page and the magazine you’re making. If you’re making an personalised advert for a personal magazine, like a birthday or wedding magazine, a fun idea would be to create an ad page for a favorite food or beverage. The ad can be funny or serious, that’s completely up to you.

Are you making a personalised advert for a business magazine? In that case it’s good to think about the goal of your business and why you’re advertising it. Do you want to inform readers, convince them, or simply increase the awareness for your products and services? Thinking about the goal of your ad page will help you create content that accomplishes that goal.

Communicating your message

Once you’re clear on the goal of the advert, it’s time to think of the message and communicate it as effectively as possible. Always keep the reader in mind. In the example below the message is communicated in an eye-catching way. The message is that Kelly likes Coffee. Coincidentally her partner is called Chris. Both start with the letter C, and this message has been communicated on the ad to create personalised adverts make your own magazine 1 coffee example


The best way to attract readers is by using an image that stands out or using an interesting headline. Choose a bold font, interesting colors and an eye-catching image. In the example below, the color pink was chosen due to the icing on the donut and its association with candy. The color is recurring on the page, appearing in the text cloud and accents on the page.

how to create personalised adverts make your own magazine 1 donut example

Did you know?

• Colors are associated with certain emotions
•Some colors attract more attention than others

Take a look at the apples below, which apple would you prefer and why?

how to create personalised adverts make your own magazine 1 apple example

Get started on your own advertising page right away, log in now and get started. Good luck and have fun!

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