You’ve been invited

  • Jilster Guide and FAQ 2.2.1 You've been invited
    You've been invited!

    Once you've clicked on the link in your invitation e-mail and logged in (or registered) you can click on 'Accept' to get started working on the magazine you've been invited to.


You’ve been invited as an editor

I received an invitation to edit but I can’t see the magazine?

It is possible you’ve create an account with a different e-mail than the e-mail an invitation was sent to. Ask de editor-in-chief to invite you again using the e-mail you used to create an account.

Alternatively the cause may be that your invitation has expired. Ask the editor-in-chief to send another invitation.

What happens when I hand in my page?

Once you’ve completed your page you can hand it in to the editor-in-chief of the magazine. You will no longer be able to edit your page once you’ve handed it in.

The editor-in-chief can only place an order once all the pages have been handed in.

Edit a page after handing it in? Ask the editor-in-chief to release the page to you so you can go back to being able to edit the page.

I have ‘handed in’ a page, but would like to make some changes. How can I go back to editing the page?

Once you’ve handed in your page you can no longer edit it. However, you can continue editing it by asking your editor-in-chief to ‘release’ the page for you.

As editor-in-chief you can edit pages at all times, even pages that have been handed in or published. Once you’ve made changes to a page you’ll have to publish it once again.

How do I solve the issue of a white screen in the editing room?

Download the latest update of Adobe Flash player here:

You could also try using a different browser.