Saving and publishing pages

  • Jilster Guide and FAQ 1.5.1 Save and publish pages
    We recommend saving the page as often as possible

    Jilster does not autosave pages


Saving and publishing pages

What is the difference between ‘save’ and ‘publish’?

As long as you are editing your page, you can save it at anytime. For this, click the button ‘save’. When your page is completely finished, you can publish it.

You need to publish all pages before you can order your magazine. 

A green check will appear above a page in the overview when it is published.

Publishing doesn’t mean that your page or magazine will become public on the Jilster website.

Does publishing a page take much time?

This depends on the speed of your internet connection and the power of your computer. It will take several minutes per page before all data is sent to the server. 

If you have made a lot of pages, it is a good idea to publish the finished pages.

You can also divide publishing the pages. Ask if the other editors of your magazine want to publish a few pages from their computer.

Can I make a print to check my text on spelling and grammar errors?

Yes, it is possible to print your pages:

  1. Go to the overview of your magazine and move your mouse over the page. Choose for ‘download”. You will get a print preview (pdf file) in display resolution (72 dpi). If you let Jilster print your magazine, we will use a resolution of 300 dpi.
  2. Another option is to print a sample at a reduced price. You can do this following the normal order procedure.

A barcode appears on the back of the magazine. Will this barcode also be printed?

Yes, this will be printed. The white block contains the barcode with information about the magazine (order number). This information is necessary for shipping. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to move the white block to another spot on the back cover.

I want to change my page order, but I have already published everything. Can I still change this?

Yes, you can. You can still change the page order after publishing. You won’t have to publish any pages again.