Working together is one of the best parts of making a magazine. The Mankowski family did just that. Together, they made a magazine for their grandmother. The entire family spent time together to create a beautiful gift for this important person in the family.

magazine gift for grandmother make a magazineA gift for Grandmother

The title of the magazine is MANKOZINE; a play on their family name; Mankowski. Julie told us the magazine was made as a special gift for her grandmother. A thank you for all that she has done for their massive family. Together with her 20 cousins, she started work on a very special magazine.

Family Bonding

She says her experience making the magazine was fantastic. “Got to bond with my family while making it, and it was so easy to do! My personal favorite page was a two-page spread titled “Dear Grandma” that had thought bubbles from all of her grandchildren with messages to her. The pages had pretty pink roses in the background and a ‘camera film reel’ of miscellaneous pictures of us with her.”

Julie (and her big family) are happy with the result: “EVERYONE was super supportive and thrilled with the idea. Many family members have ordered copies of their own and cannot believe how great it turned out. Jilster offers an INCREDIBLE product that is SO easy to do! I got to make my entire vision for my grandma come to life so easily! I’m so grateful!”

Julie’s Tip: Order a Sample Copy

Julie has one tip for fellow magazine makers: “Order a sample and ask your friends and family to read through it for mistakes! After staring at it so much for so long, I grew immune to finding mistakes!“ Read more on sample magazine pricing.

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