In view of all developments, we avoid physical contact with the elderly. The weekly visits to grandparents are also postponed. To give the elderly an ingsight to what is going on in the world of their (grand)children, you can make a magazine with pictures and stories from your daily family life.

About us, by us

Keep a diary together in which you describe for each day what you have done as a family. Were there chores to be done in the house? Did the children have to help in the household or were they busy with school or games? Were they cooking as a family or did you pick up a meal? And how was the grocery shopping? Maybe you went for a walk on Tuesday afternoon. Tell them about it and place a nice matching picture here and there. Of course, the children can also write or draw something for grandma and grandpa themselves.

Once the magazine is finished, it is possible to share it with others for free as an online magazine. You can also order a printed copy and have it delivered to grandma and grandpa’s home as a surprise.