Merry Christmas, Grandma and Grandpa!

It should be something special

“What are we giving Grandma and Grandpa?” – You probably have this question just before Christmas. Then you’ll have to worry your head, because grandparents have already everything. They say they don’t want anything, and yet you, as a family, would naturally like to give them a very personal and special gift for Christmas. It should make their eyes shine and really bring them joy.

The perfect Christmas present for grandma and grandpa and other relatives

And there is nevertheless, the nicest and guaranteed suitable gift for the grandparents. Something to look at again and again, something that is unique and whose contents are completely personal, is a self-designed magazine. Everyone can participate. You are the editorial team as a family. You know Grandma and Grandpa (or Aunt Lucie and cousin John) best, you know what they like and what they want to read.

A self-designed magazine – the perfect Christmas present: The content for the Christmas magazine for the grandparents

You are completely free to decide what you want to include in the magazine. Whether you put together a review of the year with many snapshots of you all and texts about what you all experienced together, e.g. vacations, family celebrations, big events ….

…. or a really opulent Christmas magazine that is all about this topic and is filled with your favorite Christmas recipes, letters to Santa Claus, funny Christmas greeting photos, reviews of the Christmas celebrations in the past years ….

…. or whether you might decide to do something completely different and create your own puzzle booklet with crosswords, guessing stories, puzzle pages and other playful content, because grandparents love it so much.

Design the content of your magazine for the grandparents for Christmas exactly the way you like it.

This is how you design the magazine

In the Jilster Editor you can put together the magazine as a Christmas present. One of you becomes the editor-in-chief and invites the others. Then everyone can work on the project online and from anywhere: Upload photos and texts and help design the layout.

With the Jilster Editor you have a great graphics program that is intuitive and easy to use. In the editor, you will also find a large selection of professionally designed magazine templates. Pick the one you like best and use it as a base. Change colors and fonts to customize the magazine exactly the way you like it.

Decide on a version

When you have finished designing, checking and proofreading the magazine, you decide in which version you want to print the gift: as a stapled magazine, a glossy magazine or a bound book.

The most important thing: Get started now

It’s still a long way until Christmas, you might think. Time will slip between your fingers. Don’t take too much time and start soon, so that you can work on your magazine project in a relaxed and joyful way, without stress. Just click on the button below.