Customized service

In order to create a beautiful magazine, you often use designers, photographers, copywriters, editors, etc. If you work with Jilster, you can control this process yourself.
You know the deadlines and know who to call upon to achieve the best result. This way you save time and money (the other 20 percent are printing costs). Need help? More and more often, our help is called upon to monitor quality and meet the deadline. This is how “Customized Service” was born.

What is it and how does “Customized Service” work?

You use our network of professionals (editors, designers etc.) who work with Jilster. This saves you time and makes the end result even more beautiful. For this purpose, Jilster will contact you to map out the “help questions” and to find out the deadline. The next day you will receive a proposal, after agreement we will start working under your supervision. Call or email us. We can be reached during working days (09.00 -17.00 Standard European Time) by phone: 085-1306800

More benefits

In addition to the time saved by your own supervision, Jilster offers you the following benefits:
– Volume discount; starting from 2 pieces (see our price calculator), for runs above 200 copies we work with custom prices (number of pages, paper thickness).
• No stock; never short or too much, because at Jilster you can reorder from one copy.
• Digital; with the free digital version you can easily distribute a magazine online.
• Reprint; with the digital version this is easily done, including modifications.