One of our customers made a magazine for a year long independent high school project know as ‘Senior Project’. The magazine is for her school community, teachers, and close family and friends.

senior project make a magazine jilster high school educationHow she found Jilster

“I was searching online for a website that would allow me to create and then publish a magazine. I liked that I didn’t have to pay up front to use the site. I signed up and played around on multiple sites and decided I liked Jilster the best.”

How people reacted to her magazine

“The reactions to my magazine were so positive. I had both friends and professional magazine editors give me feedback. One friend told me to go work for Conde Nast right now. From professionals I was told that the consistency of my design really completes the magazine. Everyone was really impressed.”


“I found the help videos, help articles, and example magazines to be very helpful. One thing I think the site would benefit from is a spelling/ grammar check in the editing room.

I definitely will continue to use jilster in the future because my experience was positive. I’m really excited about what I was able to create. I created a travel magazine and would like to make a magazine after every trip I go on.

I have recommended Jilster to friends already because I tried multiple sites and found this the easiest to use. I also know that the product ends up looking really amazing.”


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