Design your own riddles for a wedding magazine

In a wedding magazine, a page with exciting puzzles and brain games should not be missing. In this article, we explain how you can create your own fun crossword puzzle, a Mr & Mrs quiz, or a wedding test for the wedding magazine.

Fun times at the wedding party

A wedding is an exciting day, but it can also be very long. Especially for the guests, there are often waiting times, for example when the bride and groom are taking wedding photos or while waiting for the food. For these moments you should think of a little fun: a puzzle page in the wedding magazine is a welcome change for all impatient guests. We present you the three following types of riddles:

A crossword puzzle for the wedding newspaper

The crossword puzzle is the classic brain teaser. It is especially nice if you design a crossword puzzle specifically for this wedding

The Mr & Mrs Quiz

Another kind of riddle is the Mr & Mrs quiz. The question here is how well do the bride and groom know each other? Does the bride know her sweetheart’s favorite movie or the name of his first-grade teacher? Does the groom really listen to his fiancée or does he prefer not to? Does he know the name of her first pet and with which friend she went on vacation alone for the first time? With the Mr & Mrs quiz, you can check the bride and groom’s knowledge.

The big wedding test

Are the wedding guests experts when it comes to getting married? You can find out with a self-designed wedding test. Think about different knowledge questions about getting married.

Design your own puzzles in Jilster Editor – here’s how!

Create your own crossword puzzle

Fortunately, there are some handy online programs on the Internet that make it much easier for you to create your own crossword puzzle. Just think of the questions and answers and the program will generate the puzzle for you. The program spits out the finished puzzle after a few seconds.

For the crossword puzzle, you simply think of the most exciting questions about the bride and groom. Here are a few examples:

– Where did the couple meet?

– What is the father of the bride’s profession?

– Which series has the groom never missed an episode of?

– In which month did the marriage proposal take place?

– What is the maid of honor’s middle name?

The bride and groom’s lives offer you plenty of material for your riddle. You can also ask friends and family of the bride and groom to each send you a question with an answer. Then you have a large selection and can pick out the best, most difficult, or funniest questions.

Design the Mr & Mrs quiz yourself

In our online editor, you’ll find a great template for the Mr & Ms quiz in the wedding magazine template “Wedding/Romantic”. You can easily use this template for your wedding magazine.

Before the wedding ceremony, copy the template several times and cut out the cards. The bride and groom now each fill out a set about themselves. These will be the control cards. Then the game can begin! Now have them both answer the questions about each other. For each correct answer, you can score as many points as indicated at the top of the card. Write down the correct answers on the scorecard, add up all the points and you know the winner. You can also get the wedding guests involved by giving all the guests two sets of cards. This way they can guess along and write down their answers about the bride and groom.

The big wedding test: Test your knowledge about getting married

Are the wedding guests experts when it comes to getting married? You can find out with a self-designed wedding test. Think about different questions about getting married, for example:

What should the bride wear in her shoe to avoid money troubles in marriage?

a) Nettle

b) ice cube

c) lucky cent

d) Invoice of the shoes

Why does the groom carry the bride over the threshold?

a) Ghosts lurk under the doorstep.

b) The bride’s feet hurt from her wedding shoes.

c) So that the bride can get to the fireplace quickly.

d) It proves the strength of the groom.

You can also find a design for this quiz in the magazine template “Wedding/Romantic”. You can easily customize it in the Jilster Online Editor. The layout is already done. You just have to think of the right questions.

The solution to the puzzle

In a magazine, the solutions to a puzzle are traditionally upside down or on the last page, so that readers are not so quick to cheat. But there is another way: Give your readers a special incentive to find the right solution. Think of a solution word that reveals a “secret” about the bride and groom or the wedding, for example, the location of the bride and groom’s first kiss or the title of the opening song. The solution word can also be the password for a website where you can look at all the pictures of the day after the wedding. This way you will arouse the curiosity of the guests to find as many answers as possible.

Well, do you already know which of the riddles will be in your wedding magazine? Or maybe all three?