Your words in a cloud – word cloud

What is a word cloud?

Word clouds have been around for almost twenty years and were created as a practical tool for visualizing topics. Instead of making a list, a word cloud visually presents keywords. Not only does it look great, but it is also pretty helpful. Word clouds, also termed tag clouds, and they place words in alphabetical order while emphasizing terms through letter size and color choice. 

What do you do with a word cloud?

Word clouds are often displayed on websites and blogs, acting as a guide. Since all the terms are gathered together, the word cloud gives you a glance of what is to come.  The words that appear most frequently will appear larger and can also be used to help you easily see the words you want to use. 

Word clouds can inspire your magazine

We often use word clouds for inspiration. For example, we can input keywords for topics such as a birthday, wedding, graduation, or business and the word cloud will help you focus on the right words. It will also help the reader understand the importance of your topic more clearly. You can also place it in a self-designed magazine, such as in the table of contents surrounded by great photos.

This is how you make your own word cloud.

You don’t have to invest a lot of time counting words or evaluating lists to create a word cloud. There are numerous tools online that can create a word cloud for free with just a few clicks based upon a keyword list or glossary. Wordle, TagCrowd or Tagul are, for example, are so-called word cloud generators.

You can try out their options while changing the font, size, and colors. Then place your word cloud in your magazine.