Do you feel like creating your own calendar?
Do you know the feeling that you are looking for a new calendar for the new year, clicking through numerous websites or browsing in stores, but you just can’t find the right one? – We at Jilster know this too. Sometimes, for example, the photos are beautiful, but the calendar is impractical – or the other way around. Sometimes you don’t have enough space to write, sometimes there are too many blank spaces. Sometimes you don’t like the font, or you’re bothered by the colors … All this can be solved.

Just create a calendar that has it all

Why not make your own calendar for 2021 and it will be just the way you like it. Your self-designed calendar is guaranteed to bear your signature and is tailored to your needs. Whether large or small, bright colors or rather the soft tones, whether simple font or opulent typography – landscape pictures, animal motifs or buildings, travel pictures, photos of your favorite people or all mixed together – you alone decide what you like and how your 2021 should look. – And in the Jilster Editor, you’ll find everything you need.

Your best photos for a whole year

Choose the best pictures

Maybe you’ve thoughtfully scrolled through your Instagram feed at the end of the year or looked at the best snapshots in your photo folder. Some of them you might want to see a little more often. Pre-sort your photos ahead of time. Which photos would you like to use? Which ones go best with which months? A snow photo in August or a fall photo in March might not be so nice. So think about which photo you want to assign to which month.

Design your calendar the way you like it

Jilster Editor is a graphics program that gives you all the possibilities to create your own calendar. You can also get support from our layout professionals in the team: In the magazine templates section, you can also find templates for designing calendars. Click your way through. You can then adapt the individual elements according to your ideas. Add fonts and decorative elements, adjust fonts and colors, enlarge or reduce elements, change the format: Do you want a foldable calendar to hang on the wall or would you rather put one on the table to flip through? You are your calendar designer and you decide. Have fun with it!