Games with words are trending. Open any newspaper or magazine and chances are there will be at least one word search in there. They’re a tried and true crowd pleaser, and a great addition to your own magazine too!

Find a custom word search creator

Use an online word puzzle generator like this one on, to create your own word search puzzle. There are many custom word search creators and makers available on the internet. Do a quick search on ‘custom word search’ and pick the one you like best!

how to make your own word search puzzle for your magazine busyteacher

Use a custom word search in Jilster

For use in Jilster, make sure you can save the word search you created as an image (png, jpeg/jpg) or PDF file to your computer. Once you’ve created your wordsearch, save the image file to your computer and then upload it to your images in Jilster. Then, add it to you page. Make sure the puzzle is legible by checking that it has at least two stars. Two stars or more means the image is high quality enough to be printed well.

busy teacher word puzzle for use in jilster magazine

Word search tips

If you’re working on a school magazine, you can use words related to your school. Make a list of school colors, themes, classes, subjects, clubs, sports and more. Are you working on a wedding or birthday magazine? Then you can use words related to the couple getting married or person whose birthday it is. Make a list of things they like, hobbies, words that describe them, names, favorite foods, countries visited and more.

A word search is a word puzzle wherein you try to find the words hidden among all the letters. Words can be found horizontally and vertically, but occasionally also diagonally. When it comes to a word search you make for your own magazine you can decide for yourself how words can be found.